Wave Arcade Pipeline Classic – Mobile Surf Game

Wave Arcade Pipeline Classic Mobile Game
The Peak…The Dream…The Ultimate Test
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On a small stretch of coastline as powerful as man’s will, you came to surf the big waves. You found a woman who could give you the courage, a teacher who would show him how to survive, and a challenge unlike any other.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the app is busted right now! Bummas!

It’s Like Flappy Bird, but Surfing… Surfy Bird

The Wave Arcade Pipeline Classic is now available for iOS devices in the App Store. Take this instant classic retro arcade surf game with you on the go.

Game play is pretty simple:

  • Flip your device to landscape for the best resolution.
  • Tap your screen to surf.
  • Avoid bombs.
  • Collect coins.
  • Stay in the pocket, and when the wave breaks here, don’t be there.
  • Take your phone off silent mode for some nice audio treats.

This retro-arcade surf video game pays homage to the greatest surf movie of all time – the 1987 classic, North Shore as well as some classic NES arcade games.

It’s as simple as a mobile surf game can get, but I think you’ll enjoy it. You can preview the game here, but you’ll need to download the app for the best experience.

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