Put another quarter in the wave machine, Mario.

Wave Arcade is a project designed to keep putting quarters in the wave machine.

Inspired by the ocean and tasty waves, the Wave Arcade project is a combination of design and sustainability.

We look for new ways to recycle, upcycle, and repurpose ocean-related products and waste and view sustainable materials and production processes as the norm rather than the exception. We also aim to highlight other companies, individuals, and projects that share a similar mindset.

Wave Arcade is based in Encinitas, California with the goal of sharing our sustainable, quality surf provisions with the world.

This project began in Salt Lake City, Utah of all places when Ethan Orenstein was searching for a creative outlet during his temporary residency in the beehive state.


Ethan started Wave Arcade with a few t-shirt designs, upcycled wetsuit beer koozies, and 3D printed surf fins. Upon returning to California, the project expanded to include bamboo and wood fins, which offer performance, sustainability, and mad style.

Wave Arcade will continue to evolve, but will always stay true to the basic principle of increasing stoke and reducing bullshit.

Thanks for being a part of it!

Our Team

Meet the friendly folks behind the Wave Arcade project.

Interested in joining the team or collaborating? Get in touch with our contact page.

Ethan Orenstein Founder/Fin Maker/Website Stuff

Ethan Orenstein

Nome Dog/Cute/Customer Support/Shipping

Mario Wave Arcade
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