About Us

Wave Arcade is a project designed to keep putting quarters in the wave machine.

Inspired by the ocean, the beach, and tasty waves, the Wave Arcade project is a combination of art, design, and sustainability. We aim to develop new ways to recycle, up-cycle, and repurpose ocean-related products and waste.

Products like surfboards and wetsuits can be difficult to recycle once they break or wear out, but with some design and engineering, they can be used as the raw materials for new products.

Repurposing plastic waste is something else we’re working with to get it out of our oceans and beaches and to break the cycle of short-lived/single-use plastic products.

We’re in the early stages of research and development and waste collection, but you can join us today. Check out some of our apparel and accessories, follow us on Instagram, and check back here for development updates and new products.