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Motorcycles + Surfing: Wave Arcade CT90

Honda CT90 Surf Bike

There’s something that just feels right about the combination of old motorcycles and surfing. Maybe it’s the freedom of it, maybe it’s the feel, I don’t know, but I do know it feels right. There’s plenty of motorcycle/surf brands and companies that do some pretty cool stuff with it – off the top of my…

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The Green Retro Fish

green retro fish

Here’s a look into one of the 2 start to finish surfboards I made from Marko Foam Recycled EPS blanks. Dimensions: 5’5″ x 21″ x 2.5″Fins: Twin fin, wood, flat foil, modern keels This green machine fish shape was pretty much based entirely off of a classic Steve Lis fish kneeboard design. For the fins,…

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The Red Single Fin

red single fin

This was the second board I shaped from the two recycled EPS foam blanks from MarkFoam. Dimensions: 6’4″ x 20.25″ x 2.85″Fin: 6.25″ single, 50/50 foil, wood, moderate rake This red single fin was inspired by some of the classic Hawaiian shapes and some of Gerry Lopez’s surfboard designs. I wanted a single like this…

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The Different Shakas of North Shore (1987)

North Shore is one of the most enjoyable movies of all time. That’s not my opinion, that’s fact. It’s got everything you could ever ask for in a movie, and keeps you entertained for its entire 96 minutes. It’s really the perfect movie. While I could go on and on about why North Shore is…

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