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Hey there, Ethan here from WAVE ARCADE. This project has been a hobby of mine, but I'm finally giving it the attention it deserves. Sign up to save on WAVE ARCADE art, plus hear some stories about surfing, skating in your 30s, creating things, and more. Talk soon!

Experience. Experiment. Enjoy!

Start your own collection of your favorite surf spots with the WAVE ARCADE National Parks-inspired print series.


Wave Arcade is a surf & art project that got its start in Salt Lake City, UT of all places. I needed something to distract myself from my newfound lack of surf. Being next to a big, salty body of water that’s completely flat sure didn’t help.

But Utah’s outdoors and National Parks combined with my surfing daydreams did help me stumble upon the idea for the WPA Surf Poster series.



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