Handmade Surfboard Fins

Handcrafted fins made with bamboo and wood, fiberglass, and bio-based epoxy resin are at the core of the sustainable surf products Wave Arcade has to offer.

Our surfboard fins are lightweight, responsive, and unique. Available soon as fin sets for your quad, thruster, or twin and as single fins for your longboard and 2+1.

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Wave Arcade
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Wave Arcade is a San Diego, California based surf project driven by love for the ocean, experimentation in surfing, and art. We make surf fins, t-shirts and other clothing, upcycled beer koozies, and digital 3D files for you to experiment with yourself. Maybe some other stuff too, who knows?

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Our Materials & Production Methods

Our products are made from bio-based, sustainable, and upcycled materials with a focus on style & performance. The result is products with low-environmental impacts that not only function well, but look good too.


Most of our products are handcrafted locally in Encinitas and San Diego, California. Wave Arcade also uses CNC technology to add extra precision where necessary and to make cool things like recycled, 3D-printed wax combs. We’re driven by new surfing experiences and having fun in the water.

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