Twin Fins vs. Keel Fins

Twin fin surfboards can feature either fins or keels. While the term “keel fin” is sometimes used to describe any sort of fin, it describes a specific design. Check out our recommendations for some of the best twin fins and keels. What are Twin Fins? A twin fin setup features two side fins that are …

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The One Board Quiver

While experimenting with different surfboards and equipment, and building your surfboard quiver overtime is an incredibly enjoyable part of surfing, it’s not feasible or practical for everyone. Due to budget, space, transportation to the beach, etc. for some surfer, having a different board for different scenarios doesn’t always work out. Luckily, you aren’t out of …

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Surfing & Rip Currents

Become familiar with the ocean and different conditions is key to progressing as a surfer. To the inexperienced surfer, or the average beach-goer, rip currents can be dangerous. However, if you know how to spot a rip and navigate it safely, you can actually use it to your advantage to get back out to the …

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