Dead Palm Hand Plane: Vissla & Surfrider Upcycle Contest

Dead Palm Plane

In Spring 2019 I was walking my dog and I noticed something. The city had just sent out crews to prune some of the palm trees in the area – all the dead fronds were removed leaving a clean, trimmed palm head above. There were a few remnants of some of the dead fronds lying…

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Working With Recycled EPS Foam Blanks from Marko Foam

Working with Recycled EPS Foam Blanks

I picked up a couple of recycled EPS surfboard foam blanks from Marko Foam as a birthday gift to myself. Up until this project, I hadn’t really shaped a board from a fresh blank. I’ve reshaped old boards, built hollow wooden boards, built some hand planes out of palm tree branches, and plenty of surf…

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Single Fin Thumb Screw – A Quick Review

Single Fin No Tool Thumb Screws

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical of the no-tool thumb screws and plates for single fins at first. I’m not sure exactly why, but I was. I’m talking about the little thumb screws and plates that you’ll see for a few bucks on Amazon or online surf shops. (Here’s a quick tip: instead of…

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How to Tie a Leash Rope

Leash Rope

The leash rope is the part of your leash that connects your leash’s rail saver to the boards leash cup, loop, or hole. A leash rope should be inspected and replaced from time to time. Because if your leash rope breaks, you might as well not be wearing a leash at all. This is the…

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Wave Arcade Fin Materials & Challenges

Wave Arcade Fin Iterations

Wave Arcade has been in a state of constant evolution from the start. It’s always had a set of core components to guide the way: eco-friendly materials, handcrafted products, experimentation, fun. But how those components have been realized are constantly in flux. With the fins, my goal is to create something made from sustainable/low-impact materials…

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Trial, Error, Failure, Repeat & The World Wide Web

Fin iterations

Sometimes it’s easy to look at a website or an Instagram or even just a product and assume it’s all peaches. At least I can fall victim to that and certainly have in the past. If you look at the Wave Arcade Instagram and read some things on the blog, my hope is that you…

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The Minimalist’s Budget Surfboard Shaping Set Up

Budget Surfboard Shaping

If you’re just getting into surfboard shaping or fin making, you don’t need to go crazy on your tools and work space. Here’s my philosophy – if you can learn the mechanics and basics of something with the minimum equipment, you’re going to excel faster and better utilize the tools when you do decide to…

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Reshaping Old & Broken Surfboards

Reshaping Boards

Throughout my life I’ve had a habit of hanging onto “junk” at different times. I’d see something broken or trashed, get an idea in my head for a way to fix it, but then more often than not, the project would collect dust for a while. These “junk” projects have included everything from skateboards, bicycles,…

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Retro Surf Arcade Games for You

8bit Surf Game

The Wave Arcade project is big on exploration and experimentation. So with no real game design or game coding experience, I figured it’d be a good idea to create a special, secret retro-inspired video game to accompany everything else Wave Arcade has to offer. Wave Arcade has its name for a few reasons – maybe…

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How to Make Your Own Upcycled Go-Pro Stick Mount

Floating Camera Stick

I picked up an action camera in hopes of expanding Wave Arcade’s content offerings to include more video and surf shots. I also needed something in a pinch to film the upcycled dead palm handplane I made for the Vissla Surfrider Creator’s Contest.Admittedly, I cheaped-out and opted for an off-brand action cam. For about $50…

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Bio-Epoxy Resin Showdown: Resin Research Bio vs. Entropy Super Sap

Entropy Resin Vs. Resin Research

When I started Wave Arcade, I knew that bio-based epoxy resin was going to be a key component to making my fins and boards. Bio-based epoxy resins are derived from plants and result in an epoxy that’s safer to make, safer to use, and that carries a much lower carbon footprint than polyester resins or…

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