How do you say surfing in different languages around the world?

If you’re planning a surf trip to some far off destination, you might want to know how to ask about the waves.

Granted, most people in the destinations you’ll visit for your surf holiday will probably understand you if you say “surf” or “surfing,” especially when you’re hobbling out of your taxi-cab and going into the bar with your surfboard under arm.

Anyways, part of the fun of a surf trip is to immerse yourself in the local culture and local languages.

So, here’s a quick guide for how to say surfing in other languages.

How do you say surfing in Spanish?

Here are some ways to say surfing in Spanish:

  • el surf.
  • surf.
  • el acuaplano.
  • el sorfeo.

Waves in Spanish are las olas.

How do you say surfing in Portuguese?

Surf in Portuguese is surfar or surfando.

Waves is ondas.

How do your say surfing in Japanese?

Surf/surfing in Japanese is either “safin” or simply surfing.

Waves in Japanese are pronounced “nami.”

How do you say surfing in Hawaiian?

Surfing in Hawaiian is heʻe nalu.

Waves is nalu.

How do you say surfing in French?

Surf in French is le surf or surfant.

Waves are vagues.

How do you say surfing in Indonesian?

Surf in Indonesian is berselancar.

Waves is ombak.

How do you say surfing in Arabic?

Surf in Arabic in pronounced tasafah.

Waves is pronounced ‘amwaj.

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