Best Surf Trips in Europe


How to Plan a Surf Trip to Europe

Europe is a great choice for a surf vacation destination.

You’re sure to score some fun waves and make some great memories.

A European surf trip gives you tons of options when it comes to environment, waves, and local cultures.

From the rocky coasts of Ireland to the beautiful beaches of France, there’s a little something for every surfer.

You’ve come to the right place to start planning your trip.

But, Europe is a big place! You’re probably going to want to narrow it down a little bit.

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Best Destinations for a Surf Vacation in Europe

The best destinations in Europe for your surf trip include:

When are the best times of the year for a surf trip to Europe?

The best time for a European surf trip will vary a little bit depending on the exact destination you choose, but in general, here’s what you can expect.

While many locations offer waves year-round, the best conditions are typically found in the Fall.

Biggest conditions will last from Fall through early Spring.


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