Best Surf Trips in Central America

How to Plan a Surf Trip to Central America

Central America is a great choice for a surf vacation destination.

You’re sure to score some fun waves and make some great memories.

Depending on your destination, you can choose to surf on Central America’s Pacific or Caribbean coastline.

On each side, you’ll have a huge variety of breaks and wave types to choose from. Not to mention some truly breathtaking locales and environments.

You’ve come to the right place to start planning your trip.

But, Central America is a big place! You’re probably going to want to narrow it down a little bit.

Best Destinations for a Surf Vacation in Central America

The best destinations in Central America for your surf trip include:

When are the best times of the year for a surf trip to Central America?

The best time for a Central America surf trip will vary a little bit depending on the exact destination you choose, but in general, here’s what you can expect.

Central America is marked by a dry season and a wet season.

While you can find surf year-round on the Pacific side, surf is typically bigger in the wet season from about September to November.

The dry season from about December to April can see sunny days and smaller, but still fun waves.

The in-between season, or green season, from about April to August has consistent swell, calm winds, and comfortable weather.

Surf season on the Caribbean coast of Central America is from about December to March, and during Hurricane Season.

You’ll find waves suited for every level of surfer – from beginner to expert.

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