Best Surf Trips in Africa

How to Plan a Surf Trip to Africa

Africa is a great choice for a surf vacation destination.

With over 18,950 miles of coastline, you’re sure to score some fun waves and make some great memories.

Surf destinations in Africa range from islands like Madagascar and Cape Verde to mainland coastlines with all sorts of breaks in both the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

You’ve come to the right place to start planning your trip.

But, Africa, is a big place! You’re probably going to want to narrow it down a little bit.

Best Destinations for a Surf Vacation in Africa

The best destinations in Africa for your surf trip include:

  • Morocco
  • Mozambique
  • South Africa
  • Cape Verde
  • Ghana
  • Madagascar
  • Mauritius
  • Senegal
  • Seychelles
  • Angola

When are the best times of the year for a surf trip to Africa?

The best time for a Africa surf trip will vary a little bit depending on the exact destination you choose, but in general, here’s what you can expect.

Maybe you’ve just watched The Endless summer and you’re dreaming of perfect, empty waves.

Africa is certainly a good choice for that.

Beyond the surfing, you’ll have the opportunity to visit all sorts of rich cultures, landscapes, and environments that are sure to make your trip as memorable as possible.

But, you’ll definitely want to think about the time of year if waves are your number one priority.

If you’re planning a trip to North Africa, fall and winter will be your best bet for bigger swells and offshore winds. Expect water in the low 60s during the winter, and up to low 70s in the hotter months.

If you’re planning a southern Africa surf trip – to places like South Africa or Mozambique, the Fall through the early Spring will bring the best waves and conditions (about March through October). Water can get down to the low-to-mid 50s the further south you go, and range from 64 to 75+ in the warmer months as as you head north.

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