Texas Surf Spot Guides & Reports

Find surf spots in Texas. Learn about the best conditions for different spots, find information about the types of waves, and compare surf reports in the region.

Texas Surf Guide

Texas probably isn’t going to be anyone’s #1 surfing destination, but that doesn’t mean you can’t surf in the Lone Star State.

With long stretches of open, empty beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, most of the waves in Texas are the result of short, period crumbly windswell.

That said, like other areas in the Gulf and Atlantic coast, Hurricane swells can bring some pretty epic surf to the region.

Throughout the coast line you’ll find a mix of beachbreak, jetties, piers, and inlets that might just focus the swell’s energy just right for some pretty good surf.

Seasons for Surf in Texas

  • Hurricane Season: The best surf in Texas comes from Hurricane swells. With the rights conditions, Texas can offer up some head-high barreling waves on par with any other great surf spot in the country.

Throughout the rest of the year, you’ll need to tolerate smaller, crumbling windswell. Or, if you get really impatient, you can head to Galveston Bay to chase the small, but long wakes of passing oil tankers and ships.

Texas Average Monthly Water Temperatures

Avg. Water Temp (°F)56°59°64°72°78°83°85°86°83°76°68°60°

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