Pacific Northwest Surf Spot Guides & Reports

Find surf spots in Pacific Northwest. Learn about the best conditions for different spots, find information about the types of waves, and compare surf reports in the region.

Pacific Northwest Surf Guide

Fortune favors the adventurous and the cold-averse in the Pacific Northwest. With over 500 miles of sparsely populated coastline ranging from vast, open beach breaks to rocky points and cliffs there’s surf to be had and to be discovered if you’ve got the right gear and the right mindset.

The act of surfing in Washington and Oregon is not what most people would think about when they think of surfing at all. The power of the ocean becomes more apparent, the cold water sticks around all year, and the landscape is something else entirely.

But, if you’ve a thick enough wetsuit, some boots, some gloves, a hood, and a surfboard with enough volume, you might just be able to tame the PNW and find some great surf all to yourself.

That’s not say there are no crowds or localism – expect to encounter some at the most consistent and most protected spots along the coast.

The elements are extreme here – the cold, the wind, the currents, sharp rocks and cliffs – and you’ve got to be prepared.

Seasons for Surf in the PNW

  • Fall: Fall is the best chance for a combination of comfortable weather and decent swell. In the PNW in the fall you can find glassy conditions, warmth, and clean, long period groundswell.

  • Winter: Winter in the PNW brings extremely vicious storms and cold weather. The waves can get huge, but the wind, currents, and cold make surfing it difficult, let alone desirable.

  • Spring: Spring remains cold and windy in the Pacific Northwest, but offers some better chance of surf than the winter. Wave size and storm strength becomes more manageable, and temperatures start to rise.

  • Summer: Summer here often brings dense fog and short period windswell.

Average Monthly Water Temperatures for Oregon

Here are the average monthly water temperatures throughout the year in Oregon. You’re going to need some serious rubber.

Avg. Water Temp (°F)48°48°49°50°53°55°57°58°57°54°53°49°

Average Monthly Water Temperatures for Washington

Average monthly water temperatures and highs/lows for Washington. Use this information when planning or avoiding a surf in the Evergreen State.

Avg. Water Temp (°F)45°44°45°47°50°53°55°57°55°53°50°47°
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