Hawaii Surf Spot Guides & Reports

Find surf spots in Hawaii. Learn about the best conditions for different spots, find information about the types of waves, and compare surf reports in the region.

Hawaii Surf Guide

Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing, which is really no surprising seeing as it’s one of the best places for surf on the planet.

You can find high quality, warm water surf here all year long.

The standouts and most notable Hawaiian islands for surf are Oahu and Maui, but you can find waves all over the place.

Hawaii features some of the most critical, challenging, and perfect waves in the world in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It’s where the limits of the sport were first pushed and tested, and it continues to inspire surfers from all over the place.

That said, there’s something in Hawaii for all surfers – from the pros and experts to the beginners.

In the winter, the north-sides of the islands are the hot spots for epic surf – most famously Oahu’s North Shore with spots like Pipeline, Sunset Beach, and Waimea.

In the summer, the islands’ south shores draw some great waves of their own.

Seasons for Surf in Hawaii

  • Winter: Winter is when the North Shore lights up. Sending huge, perfect waves for weeks on end when things are working. Crowds are heavy and some of the best surfers in the world will be in the water.

  • Spring/Fall: Spring and Fall offer a good mix of swells all over the island, and you can score anywhere if you know where to look.

  • Summer: Summer brings south swell to the south-facing beaches, and puts a variety of quality waves on offer – everything from hollow barrels to slow rollers.

Hawaii Average Monthly Water Temperatures

Warning – don’t look at these water temperature estimates if you’re either not in Hawaii or not going to Hawaii. The water temperature in Hawaii is pretty much perfect all the time.

Avg. Water Temp (°F) 75° 75° 75° 76° 77° 78°79° 79° 80° 79° 77° 76°
Low 72° 72° 71° 72° 72° 74°74° 75° 75° 75° 74° 73°
High 78° 77° 77° 78° 79° 81°82° 72° 83° 82° 80° 78°
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