South Carolina Surf Spot Guides & Reports

Find surf spots in South Carolina. Learn about the best conditions for different spots, find information about the types of waves, and compare surf reports in the region.

South Carolina Surf Guide

While South Carolina doesn’t offer the best or most consistent surf – especially when compared to its Northern counterpart, with its vast coastline of various beachbreaks, inlets, and man-made structures in a variety of settings ranging from outright crowded to natural and pristine, you can find some waves here throughout the year.

Like much of the East Coast, surf in South Carolina is hindered by the gradual, long continental shelf that allow waves to slow down and loose power before they reach the beach. But, with the right conditions and with the right structures, good waves are possible. Even really good waves are possible during Hurricane season.

Crowds can be a factor in the summer and anytime a hurricane swell hits – especially in the most well-known and accessible spots. The further you head away from the popular cities and destination towns, the better chances you have of scoring some empty waves.

Seasons for Surf in South Carolina

  • Fall: Fall is definitely the best bet in South Carolina. With Hurricane season along with Nor’easters, windows of good surf and comfortable weather and water is common. Depending on the storm, groundswell can linger for a little while and leave some decent waves behind.
  • Winter: Winter brings strong storms, cold air, and even colder water. With the right equipment you can find some waves.
  • Spring: Spring in South Carolina is the same as the rest of the region – the weather and water warms up, and swells are possible, but not consistent. Expect more messy windswell.
  • Summer: Summers can be extremely hot and draw big crowds. You’ll find surfing restrictions in the most popular spots. The small windswell here and there is your best hope for surf until hurricane season kicks in mid-late July.

South Carolina Average Monthly Water Temperatures

Like much of the East Coast, water temperatures and weather vary greatly throughout the year. You get away with boardshorts through late spring through early fall, but will certainly need a suit in the winter.

Avg. Water Temp (°F) 49°50° 56° 65° 73° 79°82° 83° 80° 70° 62° 53°
Low48° 50° 55° 62° 70° 77°81° 82° 79° 67° 61° 53°
High50° 50° 57° 68° 75° 80°84° 84° 82° 73° 63° 54°
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