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Find surf spots in the East Coast States. Learn about the best conditions for different spots, find information about the types of waves, and compare surf reports in the region.

East Coast Surf Guide – Delaware, Maryland, Virginia

If you’re on the East Coast, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia are probably not going to be your top choices for a surf.

Throughout the region you’ll find a mix of beachbreak, jetties, and piers with surfing restrictions in the crowded summer months.

You’ll find a mix of different surf crowds in the area – with Ocean City, MD and Virginia Beach, VA having some of the larger surfing populations.

All that said, if you’re willing to go searching and lower your expectations, you can find some fun surf when the conditions align.

Seasons for Surf in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia

  • Fall: Like the rest of the Atlantic coast, Fall brings some of the best conditions to the region with late season hurricane swells and early Nor’easters.
  • Winter: Winter brings some stronger swells, but much colder water and air temperatures. If you’ve got the equipment, it can be worth a go.
  • Spring: Spring brings variable and fluctuating weather patterns and mostly inconsistent windswell. You’ll still need the cold water equipment through the spring.
  • Summer: Summer brings the droves of tourists and the muggy heat. Surf is mostly non-existent and many of the popular beaches place surf restrictions on the areas where you may otherwise be able to find a wave.

East Coast Average Monthly Water Temps

Here’s what to expect for water temperatures around the year on the East Coast.

Avg. Water Temp (°F) 40°39°45°54°63°73°79°80°74°64°54°46°

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