Port Hueneme Beach Park Surf Forecasts and Spot Information

Port Hueneme Beach Park in Ventura County in Southern California is a fairly consistent beachbreak and jetty that works best on Northwest and South swells. Waves break both left and right here and work best at a high tide. Port Hueneme Beach Park can produce decent surf within the range of about 1 foot to 6 feet.

Easterly winds at Port Hueneme Beach Park tend to produce the most ideal and offshore surf conditions.

The seabed here is mostly sand. You can find waves here year-round.

Best Surf Conditions for Port Hueneme Beach Park

Swell DirectionNW, S
Wind DirectionE
Ideal Surf Height1ft to 6ft

Surf Reports & Forecasts for Port Hueneme Beach Park

Where available, we’ve included surf reports and forecast widgets from Surfline.com, MagicSeaweed.com, and Surf-Forecast.com to provide you with a comparison for your favorite spots. Check out those surf forecasting websites to discover more surf spots and in-depth forecasts.

Check out these surf reports for Port Hueneme Beach Park. It’s interesting to note how differences in thing like quality of conditions, surf height, wind, and swell direction vary between the forecasts. Depending on the spot, one report may be more accurate than another.

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