Exploration, discovery, and curiosity are at the core of surfing.

Select a region below to explore surf spots nearby, learn about the best conditions, and compare surf reports from sites including Surfline, MagicSeaweed, and Surf-Forecast.

About the Wave Arcade Surf Spot Guide & Forecast Comparison

Whether it’s the feeling that comes from finding that perfect board or fin set up or the knowledge of when conditions for a certain spot will be dialed in, there’s no shortage of happiness to be had when it comes to surfing.

However, most surfers have been guilty of letting their expectations get away from them after checking a surf report – and then arriving at the beach only to find the waves wholly underwhelming or that they’ve brought the wrong board.

Eliminating that is the purpose of the Wave Arcade surf spot guide.

We haven’t reinvented the wheel – there’s already a bunch of companies that are pretty darn good at surf reports and forecasting, but we have taken a look at some of the overlaps between these surf forecasters. We’ve compiled information about the types of waves and best conditions for surf spots from all over.

And the best part: we’ve included surf forecast widgets from surf forecasting websites including Surfline, MagicSeaweed, and Surf-Forecast that allow you to do side-by-side surf report comparisons.

Now, you won’t find as many surf spots on Wave Arcade as the other sites, but that’s not our aim.

The Wave Arcade surf spot guide is meant to be more of a discovery tool. Check out different spots near you or surf spots where you’re traveling to get a better sense for the region.

We wanted to included reports and forecasts from different sources to help you decide which one is most accurate for your region. And if you’re planning a trip, it can be useful to try to use a couple different forecasting tools.

But, above all else, we want you to remain curious and to keep exploring. Forget what the surf conditions say – grab your board, get in the water, and have fun.

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