You’ll need a little more than just a board and some fins to surf. Unless you love skin diving, I guess. Wetsuits, wax, traction, leashes, sunscreen. Learn all about the surf things that aren’t boards or fins.


Quick answers to some of the most common questions about surfing equipment.

How do you store a surfboard?

Keep your surfboard somewhere out of direct sunlight where the temperatures don’t fluctuate too drastically. Board bags and surf racks can add extra protection and organization for storage.

Will a surfboard fit in my car?

If you’ve got a truck or an SUV, you’ll probably be able to fit any type of board in your car. Most sedans can squeeze an 8′-9′ board inside if you’re able to adjust the seats and get a little creative. Otherwise, some soft racks for your roof are the easiest solution.

What is Sex Wax?

Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax is a brand of surfboard wax. The name was meant to be attention grabbing and absurd, and a parody of the “sex sells” trope.

Where to put wax on your surfboard?

You put wax on the top, or the deck, of your surfboard. The wax adds traction so you don’t slip off.

What kind of wax should I use?

Surf wax is formulated based on the temperature of the water you’ll be surfing in. You should use the wax that corresponds to the water temp. Harder waxes are for warmer water, softer waxes are for colder water.

When should you remove your wax?

You should remove your wax once it starts to get nasty, flake off, or builds up too thick of a layer.

How do I surf when it’s cold?

Get a wetsuit! If it’s extra chilly, up the thickness of your suit and get some wetsuit add-ons like booties, gloves, and a hood.

What wetsuit should I buy?

The ideal wetsuit is going to keep you warm and comfortable and allow for the maximum range of motion. The thicker the wetsuit, the more restrictive your movements will be. Get a suit that’s best suited for the water and air temperatures you’ll surf in.

What kind of leash should I get?

Your leash should be roughly the same size or about a foot longer than the board you’ll be using it with. Use a leash with an ankle cuff for most boards, use a leash with an upper calf/thigh cuff for longboards that you want to cross-step.

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