Types of Longboards (Full Guide)

If you’re in the market for a longboard (whether it be your first or tenth), you’ve probably noticed how many options there are out there.

Use this comprehensive guide to get familiar with all types and what’s best for your skating style.


Cruising is probably the most popular style of longboarding.

It’s accessible, it’s relatively easy to get into, and it’s fun.

Because of this, there are different types of cruiser skateboards out there.

If you are primarily looking to get a board to ride around town on, this is the one for you.

Another pro of this style is they aren’t restrictive in terms of skating styles, so they are great longboards for beginner skaters.

Mini Cruiser

Mini cruisers are the smallest version of a “longboard” you can get.

They are preferred by riders looking for a cruiser board that is compact.

The biggest downside of its small size is that it compromises its stability.

Because of this, it’s best for those who are already comfortable on a skateboard.

Blunt Nose

Blunt-nose longboards are one of the best for new skaters too.

Their wide, round nose and tail give you high stability and are great for mastering carving skills.

You may not love it as much if you are an experienced skater because of its lack of a kicktail.

Carving Longboards

Carving longboards are awesome because they give you the feel of surfing or snowboarding.

Because of their short wheelbases, they are very responsive to turns and tight carves.

They’re very fun for riding around town, especially on small hills.


Pintail longboards get their name from their pointy nose and tail.

They are perfect for both cruising and carving.

Their flat concave decks are easy to ride, making them great for beginners. It’s a well-rounded shape that is very popular.

Drop Through Decks

If you live in a hilly place, like San Francisco, check these out.

They have truck mounts that run through the deck of the board, ensuring maximum stability. For this reason, they are great for skating down hills at high speeds.


Downhill longboards are also specifically constructed to allow skaters to bomb down hills at high speeds.

They are as stable as they are fast.

Many downhill skateboards use a drop through for the trucks because it provides maximum sturdiness. 


Freeride longboards are closely related to downhill.

The freeride style of skating involves high speeds, so these boards are built to accommodate that.

The biggest difference between downhill and freeride longboards are freeriders are better for performing tricks and power slides.


Kicktail longboards have an upward-angled lip at the back of the board, giving you the perfect foot placement for different tricks and pivot manuevers.

Kicktails are great for cruising and riding around skateparks.

You’ll be able to pivot on the spot rather than just relying on your trucks to turn.

The kicktail also makes the board easy to pick up without needing to bend over.

Top Mount

Top mount longboards have trucks directly beneath the deck of the board.

They are superior in their turning capabilities, making carving easy.

However, they tend to be less stable than other speed-oriented designs.


The fishtail longboard gets its name from exactly that: its tail that looks like a fish.

The steep concave gives the rider more foot control, which is great for speed control and carving.

Drop Down

Drop down longboards are designed with a low center of gravity. It does this by setting the foot platform below the trucks.

The lack of flex makes it great for downhill riding and high speeds.

Double Drop

Double drop longboards are also commonly known as lowriders because they get you low to the ground.

They are a crossover between drop through and drop down longboards.

This style of the longboard is the lowest you will get to the ground. While it’s the most stable out there, it’s difficult for manufacturers to construct, making it hard to find and more expensive.

Symmetrical Topmount

Symmetrical topmounts longboards are great because they are designed to allow the skater to steer in either direction without needing to pick up their board and turn around to change course.

You may also see these boards referred to as “bi-directional boards”. 


Bamboo longboards stand out from the rest because of their light weight and flexibility.

They are loved for carrying ease and their sustainable design. 

Cut Out

Cutout longboards have large wheels and allow for deep turning without sliding out.

They are great for those looking to freestyle, ride downhill, or freeride.

Like a symmetrical topmount, these boards are bi-directional.

Their drop-through truck keeps the board low to the ground and stable at fast speeds.


Twin longboards are a traditional design for multidirectional skating.

They have curved noses and tails and offer great stability.

It’s one of the best boards for downhill riding because you can make sharp turns, slides, and carves with little effort..

Speed Board

If you have a need for speed, these are the longboards for you.

These boards give you incredible speed and great stability along the way.

The tail is sharp and the nose is blunt.


These are one of the most stable longboards you can find on the market.

They are the best for long-distance commutes because they are also not very long and easy to carry.

The commuter longboard is great for skaters of all skill levels.


Electric longboards allow you to move and control them electronically.

These battery-powered boards are easy to ride because you don’t need to push yourself along.

They can typically be fully charged in 2-5 hours and last for up to 20 hours.

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