Skateboard Pump Tracks

Skateboard pump tracks have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years.

It’s no surprise you’re here to learn more about them and how fun they are.

Learn about their construction, how to ride one, what type of board to bring, and famous pump tracks you can dream of traveling to one day. 

What is a pump track?

A pump track is a paved track that is closed and consists of bumps, berms, and corners with different angles and transition radiuses.

This construction gives you momentum and speed with no need to push.

They’re great for beginners looking to refine their balance and speed skills.

It’ll teach you how to maintain momentum with your arms and legs by pumping the track.

Traditionally, pump tracks were made out of dirt for BMX and mountain bikes to race on.

Skaters adopted their own version of pumping circuits in some skateparks by skating special paths on bowls, pools, or pipes.

More recently, we’ve seen pump tracks for skateboarders pop up with hard surfaces. Most pump tracks for skaters are constructed with wood, concrete, asphalt, or fiberglass.

How to Ride One

Let’s get you ready to ride on your local pump track.

On this type of track, the skater will use a pumping movement, guiding their weight up and down as they approach different obstacles on the track, to give energy to the board and keep it going.

The idea is to lighten up on your weight while you’re going uphill and weigh down on the downhill to gain speed.

Its pattern is similar to when you’re pushing yourself on a swing.

This movement of pumping creates energy that maximizes the momentum of your wheels.

Don’t get frustrated if you don’t nail the timing right away, it takes a bit of practice to get a feel for it.

Once you get going, you’ll notice it’s a great cardio workout and may leave your legs sore.

Best Types of Boards for Pump Tracks

Any type of skateboard will do well on the pump track—from street boards to surf skate longboards.

The only time you may face a problem is if you are skating on a board with a low top mount that doesn’t provide enough clearance for the wheels to turn on high bumps or during sharp turns.

For a fun ride, pick a board with responsive trucks, a short deck, and soft wheels.

Famous Pump Tracks Around the World

A popular leader in building pump tracks is Velosolutions.

You’ll find pump tracks from this creator in many countries.

One well-known location of theirs is in Brooklyn, New York.

It’s built on the grounds of the Domino Sugar Factory, near the Williamsburg bridge.

On the opposite coast, San Diego, California has a relatively new pump track, Pacific Highlands Ranch, created for two and four-wheel riders. 

There are well-known pump tracks in Europe, as well.

A legendary track called Decathlon Avignon in France features both two-facing turns and rollers will long banks.

You can find a jump line pump track with mirrored tracks called Wals-Siezenheim if you ever travel to Austria.

If you’re after the most unique pump track in the world, you’ll want to visit the one in Sils im Domleschg in Switzerland. 

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