Skateboard Hardware Size Guide

Like the fin screws on a surfboard, smooth ride on your skateboard is made possible by correctly sized components.

Find out everything you need to know about hardware sizing for your skateboard’s trucks and wheels.

Skateboard Bolt Sizes 

Bolts secure your trucks to your deck.

Most skateboard setups use 8 bolts in total.

The standard sizing for bolts is 10-32.

In this measurement, 10 is the standardized sizing as defined by ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, whereas 32 shows the thread count per inch. 

Bolts between 1-2 inches are best for most deck setups.

However, there are some setups that differ and require different sizing for the bolts, like those that include riser pads (which are commonly used to prevent wheel bites).

To fit bolts to a setup with riser pads, add an inch to the length of the riser pad.

You want the bolts to stick out about 1/8th of an inch, allowing you to lock the threads with the nut’s nylon ring.

Nut Sizes

Sizing for nuts is a bit more complex because they are included in several places on a skateboard.

You will find them in the baseplate, wheels, and kingpin.

For Baseplates

The baseplate nuts are the smallest of all.

They mount the trucks to the skateboard deck.

The standard size for baseplate nuts is 10-32 inches.

For Axles

Standard axle nylock jam nuts are 5/16″ inches” – 24.

They are in the middle in terms of size and are used to attach the wheels onto the truck axles.

Taller standard nuts are best for precision trucks.

For Kingpins

Standard sizing nylock jam nuts for kingpins are 3/8″ – 24.

They are the largest of all nuts and are used to screw onto the kingpin and secure the skateboard’s bushings.

Adjusting this nut controls how tight or loose your trucks feel.

Why Skateboard Hardware Size Matters

It’s important to pick the right hardware sizes when building a skateboard to have a smooth and accident free ride.

For example, if you use too long of bolts on flexible trucks, you won’t be able to complete smooth turns on your board— the ends of the bolts would interfere with the bends of the truck hangers. 

Too short, and you won’t be able to secure them to the board.

Wrong size bolts are also more prone to breaking.

Is Skateboard Hardware Different Than Regular Hardware?

If you have regular nuts and bolts lying around, it may be tempting to build a skateboard using those. This is not advised because they do differ from hardware that is created specifically for skateboards.

Hardware created for skateboards are typically higher quality and made with proper thickness to ensure a firm hold that stays securely locked through frequent vibrations while you ride.

Tools Needed for Skateboard Hardware

In order to construct your skateboard, you’re going to need specific tools that fit the custom hardware. Check your toolbox for the items below:

  • A 9/16-inch wrench for securing the skateboard trucks
  • A 3/8-inch wrench for securing the nuts to the deck
  • A 1/2-inch wrench for building the skateboard wheels
  • A screwdriver with a Phillips-head wrench for your skateboard’s deck bolts.
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