Mini Cruiser Skateboards

Welcome to the world of mini and micro cruiser skateboards.

You’ve probably stumbled upon these in pursuit of a steady ride, easy carving, and a great workout.

Although you’ve now got your eyes set on some type of cruiser skateboard, there is still more to understand about options offered in this category.

Learn everything you need to know about them from what defines them, how they differ from regular cruisers, and what they are best suited for.

What is a Mini/Micro Cruiser Skateboard?

Mini cruiser and micro cruiser skateboards are the top recommended go-tos if you are seeking a board for casual rides and transportation.

Mini and micro cruisers are awesome for carving, making sharp turns, and carrying around a busy area.

Both mini cruisers and micro cruisers are typically built with kingpin trucks that perfectly fit the deck.

They have bushings ideal for beginner skaters and agile setups—including small kicktails and noses—that allow riders to complete sharp turns and pivots.

Manufacturers choose soft and tall wheels for both boards to enable speed and stability over cracks and other uneven surfaces.

Their decks typically follow the industry standard of construction, which is seven layers of maple.

This gives them a bit of flex and a ton of strength.

While there are many similarities between mini and micro cruiser skateboards, let’s talk about what makes them different. 

Mini Cruiser Skateboards

Mini cruiser skateboards are the longer of the two.

Typically, they’ll feature 27-inch long and 8-inch wide decks.

These are easier to learn on than micro cruisers due to their size, which gives riders relatively more stability.

The bigger the board, the easier it will be to balance.

Adults at all levels may prefer a mini-cruiser due to this. 

Mini cruisers are a great option for anyone looking to have some fun.

Their construction enables tricks and boardslides, which would be harder to pull off on a micro size. As an average adult riding around town, you likely won’t need to go any shorter than a mini cruiser. 

Micro Cruiser Skateboards

Micro cruisers are smaller—25 inches long and 7 inches in width.

While this might not seem much different from its counterpart, those few inches of difference will be noticed.

The smaller deck makes these boards extremely agile and therefore requires a little more experience and comfort on a board.

Those that opt for this style appreciate how easy it is to weave through people and objects and stow them on public transportation, in cars, or wherever else they want.

This size is the best one to go for if you’re looking to put your board in your backpack or locker.

Their short decks also make them extra easy to carry.

They are, however, harder to keep control of when performing maneuvers outside of casual cruising and carving.

Micro cruisers are often preferred by younger riders and small children. They have an easier time improving on this size because it can be more comfortable for their small feet and legs. 

Mini Cruiser vs Micro Cruiser

Both the mini cruiser and micro cruiser setups are great, but let’s narrow it down to give you a simple answer on which is best for you.

Mico cruisers are awesome for small children and very experienced adults.

Otherwise, they’re hard to get a lot out of.

If you don’t fit into either of those two categories, go for a mini-cruiser first and work your way up (or, rather down) to a micro if you please. 

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