How to Hang a Skateboard Deck on a Wall

Skateboards make for some awesome wall art.

Whether you want a better place to store it than under the bed or against the wall, or you’re retiring some old boards, we have instructions on different methods you can use to hang them.

Methods To Hang Your Skateboards

Check out these four methods to hang your skateboards on your wall.

Once you learn about each, you can choose the best one for your space using the vision you have for what you want them to look like.

Some methods require nailing holes into the walls, while others can be done with more “renter-friendly” methods like Command strips. 

Use Hooks and Adhesive Strips

Whether you’re renting a spot or own your place, it’s understandable you’d want to avoid hammering nails into the wall.

One of the most reliable and easy ways to get your skateboards up onto the wall is using command hooks.

They’re great because if you get the right ones, they can hold the weight of the board and keep your wall flawless.

It’s important to weigh your skateboard to understand how many pounds it is before you buy the Command hooks.

Splurge on the best one you can find with the highest weight capacity to avoid the board falling off the wall and getting damaged (or damaging the wall/floor).

Hooks alone may be effective short term, but pair these with adhesive strips for a long-term solution. You’ll find these sold next to Command strips in most stores.

Buy them and replace the original adhesive of your hooks with these. This will give you a weight capacity of up to 5 pounds, which should be enough for most standard skateboards.

Use Fishing Line

If you’re hanging your retired boards using a fishing line is a great way to do so.

Purchase a standard fishing line and remove both trucks of the skateboard(s) you want to hang.

Feed the fishing line through both of the top two holes left where the trucks used to be, bringing it together in the back to tie a square knot that will stay despite the slipperiness of the fishing line, leaving slack to hang the board with.

Hammer a nail into your wall where you want the board(s) to be located and hang the fishing line on the nail.

PRO TIP: If you’d rather avoid a hole in your wall, you can hang the fishing line on a Command hook too. 

Use Rope

Another way to mount your skateboards to the wall is by using a rope.

This method will look very similar to the fishing line method.

You’ll want to make sure to get a durable rope that isn’t going to break while holding the weight of your skateboard for some time.

When shopping for the right fix, find a rope that is at least a quarter of an inch thick.

Once ready to mount, you’ll cut the rope into 25-inch increments for each board you want to mount. Tie a knot on both ends and burn the extra slack on the outside of both knots to prevent fraying.

This can be done by holding a lighter to both sides.

Secure both ends of the rope onto two screws on the wall to vertically hang your skateboard by each rope.

Use Wall Mounts

Debatably the most sturdy option for hanging your skateboards is using wall mounts created for skateboards.

For this project, you’ll need to purchase a kit that includes a mount with screws and wall anchors.

This method is less DIY, as you’ll get all of the pieces of equipment you need and a set of instructions on how to install them. 

Mounts will also require removing both of the trucks from your skateboard.

Generally, installing these involves drilling a hole in your wall and inserting a wall anchor.

Secure the display to the wall and screw the screws into the anchors.

Once secure, slide your board onto the screw of the mount using the top two holes that are used to secure the truck to the board.

Use the T nuts provided in the kit you got in tightly, so they are secure against the deck of the skateboard.

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