Skateboarding Stances: Goofy vs. Regular

Once you hop on a skateboard, you will presume one of two stances: regular or goofy.

Your stance is determined by what foot goes in front while riding the board.

These stances aren’t unique to skating, you’ll hear them referenced when speaking about many different board sports—like snowboarding and surfing.

Get familiar with the most common board stances.

What’s the Difference Between Regular and Goofy?

One of the first things you will do when you start skating is determining the right stance.

For some people, this comes naturally.

For others, neither stance feels noticeably better than the other. To make it more tricky, your dominant foot doesn’t always align with your dominant hand.

Just because someone is left-handed, doesn’t mean their left foot will be dominant, too.

What’s a Regular Stance?

Riding in a regular stance involves placing your left foot on the front of the deck and your right foot on the back. This is the stance that most commonly clicks for the majority of people.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better than goofy.

The right stance for you is based on personal preference, and won’t affect your riding style or ability to perform tricks.

What’s a Goofy Stance?

A goofy stance involves skating with your right foot in the front and your left foot in the back.

About 75% of skaters prefer to skate regular while 25% lean towards goofy.

The right stance is whatever feels best for you. Though this is the less common stance, there are many pro skaters who use it.

How to Find The Right Stance For You

Many people just hop on a board and see what stance feels best for them. However, this can be tricky if you’re new to skateboarding and neither position necessarily feels comfortable.

Follow these tricks below to get closer to your best stance.

Method 1: Risky Business

Put socks on and slide on a smooth floor.

Take note of which foot lands in front when you slide, versus what foot lands in back.

This can tell you what is most natural on a skateboard, too.

Method 2: Kick a Ball

Another method is to kick a soccer ball. Do you do this with your right or left foot?

Whichever one you kick with, try hopping on your skateboard with that foot on the back.

Method 3: Friendly Push

The last method is to have a friend push you from behind.

Whatever foot you catch yourself with is your dominant foot, thus making it the best one for you to place in the back. 

Other Stances Beyond Goofy and Regular

Once you’ve mastered the beginner stages of skating with whatever stance suits you, you can venture into more advanced stances. 


Riding switch is simply swapping your stance from whatever you typically do.

Regulars ride switch by skating goofy and vice versa.

Practicing riding switch is very tricky and could make you feel like a beginner all over again.

It’s comparable to learning how to write with your non-dominant hand.


Riding fakie involves riding backward on your skateboard while still in your normal stance. 

It is different than riding switch because you’ll still be in your normal stance, but you’re rolling backwards.


Mongo is when you use your front foot to push rather than your back foot. It’s usually not recommended.

The Bottom Line: What’s Better, Goofy or Regular?

Neither regular nor goofy skaters are better. There are pro skaters in both stances.

Feel it out and use the tricks above to figure out what is best for you.

If you are finding that you are having a hard time progressing when you’re starting out, try switching stances and seeing if that gels better for you.

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