Rip Curl Wetsuit – Dawn Patrol 4/3 Chest Zip – Men’s Fullsuit


The Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Chest Zip is a high quality, mid-level wetsuit that’s going to last you.

Super warm, easy to get on and off, and a really reasonable price.

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Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Men’s Wetsuit Features

Wetsuit Thickness4/3mm
Entry MethodChest Zip
MaterialsE5 Neoprene
Construction FeaturesGlued & Blind Stitched, E5 Flash Lining & Tape, Mesh Skin Panels, Knee Pads, Freeflex & Thermoflex interior lining
Other FeaturesKey Pocket in Chest Flap
Men’s Wetsuit SizesXS, S, ST, MS, M, MT, LS, L, LT, XLS, XL, XLT, 2XL
Warranty (from Rip Curl authorized retailers)3 year warranty on stitching, 12-month warranty on all materials


Rip Curl Men’s Wetsuit Sizing Chart

Men’s SizeHeight RangeWeight RangeLeg LengthTorso Length
S5’7” to 5’9”132 to 154 lbs26.8”25.2”
MS5’7” to 5’9”143 to 154 lbs26.8”25.2”
M5’9” to 5’11”154 to 176 lbs28”26”
MT5’11” to 6’1”154 to 176 lbs29.1”26.8”
LS5’9” to 5’11”176 to 187 lbs28”26”
L5’11” to 6’1”176 to 187 lbs29.1”26.8”
LT6’1” to 6’3”176 to 187 lbs30.3”27.6”
XLS5’11” to 6’1”187 to 209.5 lbs29.1”26.8”
XL6’1” to 6’3”187 to 209.5 lbs30.3”27.6”
XLT6’4” to 6’7”198.5 to 231.5 lbs28.7”29.1”
2XL6’2” to 6’5”209.5 to 231.5 lbs31.5”28.3”


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