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Marine Ply 425 Flex Fin – 8.5″ & 9.5″


A classic template inspired by Greenough’s 4A fin. A wide base with flex through the tip makes for great carves and awesome speed control.

These ones are handcrafted in Encinitas, CA and are made entirely out of marine ply, fiberglass, and bio-based epoxy resin.

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This is a classic flex fin based off the Greenough 4-A fin template. It’s a solid fin in any material, but marine ply construction makes it ultra-light and gives a liveliness to its flex and recoil that you just won’t find in fiberglass and composites.

Perfect as a single or as a 2+1. The Greenough 4A is a tried and tested fin that proves fun in a wide range of waves and surfing styles. A must have in your fin collection.

Handcrafted in Encinitas, California using marine-grade Baltic Birch, bio-based resin, and fiberglass.

8.5″ Marine Plywood 425 Flex Fin

Fin Depth: 8.5″

Fin Base: 6.125″

Sweep Angle: 25°

Foil: 50/50

9.5″ Marine Plywood 425 Flex Fin

Fin Depth: 9.5″

Fin Base: 6.875″

Sweep Angle: 25°

Foil: 50/50


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8.5", 9.5"

Fin Box

US Bahne Fin Box, Glass-on


Baltic Birch Marine Plywood, Fiberglass, Bio-Resin


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