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El Toro – 6.5″ Single/2+1

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Whether you ride it as a 2+1 or a single, El Toro surf fin is sure to satisfy. Designed for speed and control, this fin is the perfect addition to your classic pintails, eggs, old-school shortboards, and anything really.

Super light, great responsiveness, real clean.

Handcrafted in Encinitas.

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A perfect fin when you’re looking for speed and control. El Toro goes great on a variety of classic shapes in a decent range of waves. This fin should be fun on boards anywhere from 6′ to 8′ or so, but experimentation is part of the fun.

A wide base and profiles makes holding lines and drawing turns feel solid and fast.

Handcrafted out of marine-grade Baltic Birch plywood, bio-based epoxy resin, and fiberglass in Encinitas, California. These fins are light and lively.

Another great fin to add to your collection, and likely something that’s different from what you’ve already got.

6.5″ El Toro Fin Specs

Fin Depth: 6.5″

Fin Base: 5.75″

Sweep Angle: 30°

Foil: 50/50

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Fin Box

US Bahne Box, Glass-on


Baltic Birch Marine Plywood, Fiberglass, Bio-Resin


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