Bamboo Hatchet Noserider – 8.5″ & 9.5″


The bamboo pivot fin is designed for noseriding and fast trimming down the line. Bamboo and fiberglass with a low sweep and thick profile offer super light construction with strong hold.

Handcrafted in Encinitas, CA.

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The Bamboo Hatchet Noserider is designed to live up to its name. Bamboo construction through a thick profile results in a light fin with strong hold down the line and at the nose and responsive, short-radius pivots. Use this on your classic logs and longboard surfboards.

This fin is made entirely out of bamboo, bio-based resin, and fiberglass. Available in 8.5″ and 9.5″ sizes – great for boards in the 8′ – 10.5′ range. Compatible with standard US longboard fin boxes.

Handcrafted in Encinitas, CA.

8.5″ Bamboo Hatchet Noserider

Fin Depth: 8.5″

Fin Base: 5.9″

Fin Sweep Angle: 31°

Area: 38.43 in²

Foil: 50/50

Ride with surfboards: ~8′ – 9.5′

9.5″ Noserider

Fin Depth: 9.5″

Fin Base: 6.7″

Fin Sweep Angle: 31°

Area: 48 in²

Foil: 50/50

Fin Sweep: Low

Ride with surfboards: 9’+

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8.5", 9.5"

Fin Construction

Bamboo, Fiberglass, Bio-Resin

Fin Box

US Bahne Fin Box, Glass-on


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