Encinitas, CA Grown Bamboo Surfboard Fins – Limited Local Edition


Limited edition, handcrafted bamboo surf fins. Each fin is made from bamboo grown in Encinitas, CA. No two fins are alike. Add some mad style to your board.

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This selection of handcrafted surf fins is made entirely out of bamboo grown locally in Encinitas, California at the Botanic Gardens.

These are the fins that really kicked-off the Wave Arcade project. Made in the same way as the first prototype fin, each fin is taken from bamboo stalk to surf-able fin in a fairly labor intensive process that results in a completely unique, eco-friendly, lightweight fin.

To make these fins, we gathered a bunch of trimmed bamboo from the friendly folks at the Botanic Gardens and cut each stalk into 2-foot lengths. Next the round stalks are halved and quartered until we’re left with about 1-inch wide strips. The strips are planned down to flatten them and we’re left with a ton of bamboo strips of varying thicknesses. These strips are then placed on their sides and glued and pressed together. After the glue dries, we clean up the freshly laminated bamboo sheets and cut out our fin templates. With the templates cut out, we do any more thinning/planing that needs to be done and begin to foil the fins with a variable-speed sander. The foiled fins are finished with a bio-based epoxy resin and fiberglass.

All locally grown bamboo fins are compatible with US Bahne boxes.

Due to the nature of working with locally grown bamboo and laying up sheets in small batches with jigs, some of these fins may be somewhat asymmetrical down the center. But they still offer a unique surf and a very unique style.

A number of single fin templates and sizes are available that follow the templates used for our other bamboo fins – the noserider, the mid fin, and the flex fin.

Availability and production of these fins is highly limited. Get yours today!

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Flex, Mid, Hatchet Noserider


7", 7.5", 8", 8.5", 9", 9.5", 10"


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