Hemp-Glassed Eco Fins – Singles, Futures, FCS


Get your hands on a limited edition hemp-glassed single fin or fin set from Wave Arcade. These fins feature hemp-glass, carbon fiber base supports, and bio-based epoxy resin.

They’re not the prettiest fins, but they’re light and responsive and will provide you with a totally new surf experience.


These hemp-glassed fins were one of the first batches of our new construction fins – they each feature hemp cloth instead of fiberglass, dual carbon fiber base supports, and bio-based epoxy resin.

The result is a fairly stiff fin with strong flex and a solid base.

We’ve since moved away from hemp-cloth, and have been making some extremely lightweight, responsive, and really cool looking wood fins with wood, bio-resin, and carbon fiber. The new fins are our cleanest ones yet, but these hemp-glassed ones are still a great option.

You’ll have to hurry though, we’ve only got a limited supply and we’re offering them for 25% off their regular price.

You can read more about each template on their respective pages, but here’s the hemp fins we have in limited stock:


Single Fin (Bahne, US Box), Futures, FCS


Flex Single, Pivot Noserider, Quad, Thruster

Size (Singles)

7.5, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, Quad, Thruster


Wood, Hemp Cloth, Carbon Fiber, Bio-Based Epoxy Resin


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