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Add this instant classic to your closet. It’s a perfect choice for when shirts are a requirement.

Limited edition by design. Production runs are limited and specific designs may not be printed again. Ever.

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Wave Arcade t-shirts are inspired by classic surf designs of the 80s and 90s, and stuff that looks cool. Each shirt also features a custom, up-cycled wetsuit patch.

Add this groovy surfwear to your collection before it runs out! Production runs are limited and a given design may not be printed ever again, ever. Well, maybe, but who knows.

These shirts are designed to be worn over the body, but in a pinch can also be used as a towel, a hat, a mop, a bag, whatever you can think of.

Designs in Print

Surf T-Shirt Edition #1: Wave Arcade Machine Explosion – Retro color print on a gray, 99% cotton tee. Features an up-cycled wetsuit patch. This design was inspired by an old Hot Tuna design. Available now.

Wave Arcade Retro Wave Machine

Edition #2: Coming Soon!


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