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What a better way to retire your old beloved wetsuit than to use it to keep your beer cold. Wave Arcade koozies are made from up-cycled wetsuits (cleaned thoroughly) that are cut and sewn to highlight interesting seams and colors with a groovy Wave Arcade print. Order yours today.

These beer koozies are made entirely out of wetsuits that would have either ended up in the landfill or spent the rest of eternity collecting dust in some garage. Now you can enjoy your cold beverages guilt free knowing you’ve done your duty as a responsible ocean-user to divert waste to maximize the coldness of the smooth, hoppy taste.

What happens to a wetsuit when it becomes old and worn?

Usually one of two things. Your old, crusty wetsuit will either:

  1. Collect dust in the garage forever and ever.
  2. Make its way to the landfill where it will never breakdown.

At Wave Arcade, we don’t think that’s a proper retirement for a worn out wetsuit. So we’re going to help change it.

For us, there’s a few things going on. First, wetsuits are made out of neoprene, which is not biodegradable. Second, even though it might be torn in “revealing” places that make for ghastly bottom turns, neoprene is a pretty durable material and could be reused for other things. Third, we think a cut up wetsuit makes for some interesting designs and colors.

Oh yeah, and we really like drinking cold beer out of koozies too. Unfortunately, the manufacturing of new koozies is pretty stupid. Most koozies are made out of non-biodegradable materials like foam or our friend neoprene. So why use new material like that on a product as insignificant as a drink koozie? Our old wetsuits still have enough insulation left in them to keep our drinks cold – let’s put them to good use.

UpCycle Your Old Wetsuit with Wave Arcade

Recycled wetsuit koozies are just the beginning for Wave Arcade. We’re actively researching and developing new and interesting ways to recycle and up-cycle old, worn-out, or retired ocean-related products and pollutants.

Want to get involved? Send us your old wetsuit and we’ll send you a Wave Arcade koozie in return. Contact us to learn how.

Recycle Your Wetsuit with Someone Else

Hey, maybe really cool beer koozies aren’t your thing. That’s okay. Here are some other ways you can put your old wetsuit to good use.

Wetsuit Donation Programs

Just because your old wettie won’t keep you warm any more, doesn’t mean it’s completely spent. Here are a few organizations that would gladly accept your old wetsuit and get some more life out of it.

Companies that will UpCycle your Wetsuit into New Products

Here’s a list of companies that your can send your wetsuit to. Your old wetsuit can become everything from bracelets to yoga mats and the humble beer koozie.


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