3D Printable Wax Comb *Digital File*


Scrub it, kook – or rather – Scrape it, kook!

How long has that wax been on your board?

Grab some recycled filament and press print to have yourself a WAVE ARCADE 3D printed wax comb. Ergonomically designed for your combing pleasure. This file is designed as a fairly large-sized wax comb, be sure to scale it to the size you want before you start printing.



3D Printable Wax Comb – *DIGITAL PRODUCT*

It’s the last wax comb you’ll ever need. It’s the wax comb that has everything you’ve ever wanted. And best yet – you can make it from trash you find on the beach (after turning it into 3D printing filament of course).

This wax comb is designed with the 3D-printing novice in mind. This design should be fairly easy to print on any 3D printer. Experiment with print settings to get it exactly how you want it, and find some recycled filament to carry on the spirit of WAVE ARCADE every time you scrape dirty wax from your board.

This Wax Comb is available as a digital file for you to experiment with production methods of your own. Simply download the .STL file, load it up to a 3D printer program, confirm the dimension (alter them if you’d like), and print.

WAVE ARCADE digital files are for the true experimenters and for those who can’t wait for WAVE ARCADE to get its act together and offer physical products.

We encourage you to find new, creative, and sustainable methods and materials to produce our digital products.

With every digital product purchase, you’re bringing us closer to funding an operation that allows us to ramp up testing, production, and sale of WAVE ARCADE physical products.

Thanks for the support! Go ahead, go shred. Or… comb.

Need help printing this wax comb? Check out our 3D printing guide.

Additional information

Width (x)

73.67 mm (2.9 in)

Height (z)

6.35 mm (1/4 in)

Depth (y)

101.6 mm (4 in)


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