Find the Best Surfboard Wall Mounts for Horizontal Storage

GrassRacks 4-Board Wall Rack

You already know that a surfboard rack is going to allow you to store your boards easily, prevent unnecessary dings, and organize your space.

A wall-mounted surfboard rack is going to allow you to do all of that with some style.

Whether you’re looking for a surfboard storage solution or a way to put one of your prized boards on display, a wall rack is the way to go.

GrassRacks, a storage rack company that builds racks made from sustainably-sourced bamboo and recycled materials, is an excellent choice when it comes to wall mounts for your boards.

These racks are made strong – by capitalizing on the natural strength of 100% bamboo – and look really great too.

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Top Picks for Hanging your Surfboard on the Wall

Our picks for the best wall racks are:

  1. GrassRacks: The Single Surfboard Horizontal Wall Rack
  2. GrassRacks: The 4-Board Horizontal Wall Rack
  3. GrassRacks: The Vertical Wall Mounted Surfboard Rack
  4. Store Your Board 4-Board Metal Storage Rack
  5. Store Your Board Original Minimalist Single Surfboard Wall Mounts
  6. Hawaiian Gun Rack Surfboard Wall Racks

GrassRacks Surfboard Wall Racks for Board Display & Storage

Wall-mounted surf racks allow you to clear up the floor footprint of your surfboards to better organize your space.

You’ll still have the option to use a wall rack to store your boards either vertically or horizontally – depending on your space and preference.

A horizontal display is great when you don’t have a lot of room to work with or you’re interested in putting your surfboards on display.

Some great choices for the best surfboard wall racks from GrassRacks include:

Single Surfboard Horizontal Wall Rack

This horizontal wall rack is a good choice for storing or displaying a single board.

Available in both bamboo and baltic birch, there racks also look really great.

Installation is simple and can adapt to a variety of surfboards depending on how you position the mounting bars.

4-Board Horizontal Wall Rack

This multi-board horizontal wall rack features the same hanging system as the single board.

The mounting bars are the only thing that need to be screwed into the wall and the rack systems hangs from them.

Can support up to 75 pounds.

Vertical Wall Mounted Surfboard Rack

This vertical wall mounted surfboard rack is perfect for larger surfboards and SUPs or boards that you use and access frequently.

You’ll have the convenience of easy-access with some space savings too.

These racks are designed to be modular and fit together, so you can expand as your quiver grows.

Each individual rack can hold up to 4 surfboards.

Accommodates boards up to about 5.5″ wide with an arm spacing of 5.75″

GrassRacks Wall Mount Features

Bamboo is one of the strongest, most sustainable, and most attractive looking natural materials out there. It’s no wonder it makes the perfect material for a surfboard rack.

GrassRacks wall racks features:

  • Simple mounting instructions for an easy, but sturdy set up.
  • Padding on the arms of the racks to protect your surfboards’ rails.
  • High-quality, attractive finishing that will look great whether they’re being used primarily for storage or a board display.
  • Modular designs that allow you to easily expand the carrying capacity of your racks as your quiver grows.

These wall racks are an excellent choice for something eco-friendly, stylish, strong, and functional.

Best Surfboard Wall Racks: More Good Choices

Looking for some more budget friendly options? We’ve got some good choices below.

In addition to GrassRacks, some other great choices for the best surfboard wall mounts include:

Store Your Board 4-Board Metal Storage Rack

This 4-board adjustable wall rack is the perfect low-cost option for your garage.

Constructed out of heavy duty steel and featuring an easy mounting system, this horizontal wall rack from StoreYourBoard is extremely functional.

It’s certainly not flashy, but it’s well made and a great choice if your goal is storage and organization.

Store Your Board Original Minimalist Single Surfboard Wall Mounts

This minimalist wall-mounted horizontal rack from StoreYourBoard is a great simple, yet effective option for putting a single board on display.

This system includes two padded aluminum wall mounts that go on easy and can support up to 35 pounds.

Just like any wall rack, you need to mount these to studs.

Hawaiian Gun Rack Surfboard Wall Racks

These Hawaiian Gun Racks are another great surfboard display choice.

Stylish, curved construction with rail padding looks great mounted on the wall with or without a surfboard.

These are lined with recycled cork/neoprene padding an include an anti-slip peg to keep your boards in place.

Designed to hold up to 40 pounds when mounted properly.

Do you need a wall rack for your surfboards?

Whether your goal is surfboard display or storage, wall racks are a great option.

Compared to standing surfboard racks, wall-mounted racks will maximize your floor space and really allow you to make your surfboards the center piece of the room.

Do you have experiences with any of the surfboard wall mounts described above? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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