Find the Best Surfboard Travel Bag for Airplanes

Protect your surfboards with a top rated bag from the company who pioneered the surfboard travel bag in 1982.

Pro-Lite was started to solve the problem of protecting surfboards for airline travel. They’ve kept up with that today and have an excellent range of bags to keep your surfboards safe regardless of how you’ll travel.

Rest easy when you hand over your board bag to the luggage handler and be happy again when you pick it up unharmed at the baggage claim.

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Top Picks for Travel Bags for Flying with your Surfboards

Pro-Lite Finless Coffin...image Pro-Lite Finless Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag Double/Triple (2-3 Boards) 7'0 $288.00 Go ☛
Dakine Tour Regulator...image Dakine Tour Regulator Surfboard Bag, Carbon 7'0 Go ☛
Pro-Lite Rhino Surfboard...image Pro-Lite Rhino Surfboard Travel Bag-Fish/Hybrid 7'2 $242.00 Go ☛
FCS Travel 2...image FCS Travel 2 All Purpose Travel Bag - Black/Grey - 7' Go ☛
Pro-Lite Wheeled Coffin...image Pro-Lite Wheeled Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag 2-4 Shortboard 6'6 $410.00 Go ☛

Our top picks for the best travel bags for flying are:

  1. Pro-Lite Finless Coffin
  2. Dakine Regulator Surfboard Travel Bag
  3. Pro-Lite Rhino Surfboard Travel Bag
  4. FCS Travel 2 All Purpose Surfboard Bag
  5. Pro-Lite Wheeled Coffin

Pro-Lite Finless Coffin Travel Bag Features

A surf travel bag designed for the serious travel.

If your traveling by plane with 2 or 3 boards, this is the bag for you.

The Finless Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag Features:

  • Room for 2-3 surfboards up to 25″ wide.
  • An included internal divider.
  • 10mm foam padding.
  • 600D ripstop material.
  • Internal and external storage pockets.
  • Marine-grade, rust-resistant zippers.
  • Shoulder strap and rubber handles.
  • Tie down loops.

When empty, this bag weighs anywhere from 11 to 13 pounds (depending on size) and can be folded up and stored away.

Available in sizes:

  • 6’6″
  • 7′
  • 7’6″

Each bag is about 3″ longer than the listed size to accommodate multiple surfboards of within the same length range.

What type of surfboard bag should you use to travel on an airplane?

If you’re traveling by airplane, you’ll definitely want a travel bag that can withstand some of the hazards and roughness of air travel – with the baggage system itself, on the airplane, and dealt out by baggage handlers.

Look for something with strong outer material, thick and durable foam padding all around, and handles for easy mobility.

It’s a good idea to pack some towels or wetsuits inside the bag with your surfboard for a little added protection.

Best Surfboard Travel Bags: More Good Choices

In addition to Pro-Lite Finless Coffin, some other great choices for the best surfboard travel bags include:

Dakine Regulator Surfboard Travel Bag

Available from 72″ to 84,” the Regulator Surfboard Travel Bag from Dakine can carry up to 3 surfboards.

It features heat-reflecting material, 3/8″ top and bottom foam padding, and 3/4″ sidewall foam padding.

Another good choice for airline travel.

Pro-Lite Rhino Surfboard Travel Bag

If you’re only taking 1 or 2 surfboards, the Rhino Travel Bag from Pro-Lite is a good choice.

Sizes from 6′ to 7’6″ and cut to 26.5″ wide.

FCS Travel 2 All Purpose Surfboard Bag

The FCS Travel 2 Surfboard travel bag features 10mm padding with an extra 5mm of padding at the nose.

Designed to carry up to 2 surfboards.

Big Surfboard Travel Bag: Pro-Lite Wheeled Coffin

Bringing your entire quiver for some reason? Need something with a little more room? Maybe some wheels?

Pro-Lite’s Wheeled Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag features:

  • Room for 2 to 4 surfboards.
    • Can fit up to 5 boards if they’re less than 2 1/2″ thick.
  • 10mm foam protection all around.
  • 25″ wide with a 10″ gusset.
  • 2mm internal dividers for inbetween your boards as well as straps.
  • Plenty of internal storage pockets for fins, leashes, and such.
  • Air vents.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and rubber handles on the front, back, and sides.
  • Wheels to help move it around a littler more easily.
  • Marine-grade, rust-resistant zippers.
  • Available in sizes from 6’6″ up to 8.’

Hey, barney, forget about it. Bag it.

Maybe you’ve just won a local surf contest and want to visit the North Shore to surf the season and live out your dreams of making it pro.

Whatever the case, if you’re taking a surf trip – especially on an airplane – you’re going to want a travel bag that will keep your boards unharmed and surfable when you arrive at your destination.

Pro-Lite, Dakine, and FCS offer some excellent choices for all types of surfboards for a variety of budget ranges.

It definitely doesn’t hurt to splurge a little for a more protective travel bag.

Nothing’s worse than getting off the airplane and collecting your bags to find that your boards have been destroyed.

If you don’t need the level of protection that a surfboard travel bag offers, check out our other reviews of:

Do you have experiences with any of the surfboard travel bags described above? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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