Find the Best Surfboard Stand for Vertical Storage

Sturdy, attractive, dependable…

No, we’re not trying to butter you up. We’re talking about surf racks!

The Pacifica freestanding vertical surfboard display rack from Rado Racks is our pick for the best surfboard stand.

With 4 slots designed to fit boards up to 5″ thick (that’s a REALLY thick board) and a rubber tail support rack, you’re going to kick yourself for shoving your beloved surfboards into the corner of your garage all this time.

Get yourself a functional surf rack that looks good too.

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Top Picks for Standing Surfboard Racks

Our picks for the best surfboard storage stands are:

  1. Rado Racks Pacifica Surfboard Display Rack
  2. Rado Racks The Lineup Vertical Surfboard Rack
  3. COR Surf’s Bamboo Freestanding Surfboard Stand
  4. COR Surf’s Single Board Vertical Stand

Rado Racks Pacifica Surfboard Standing Rack Features

The Rado Racks Pacifica Freestanding Surfboard display is simple, functional, and fairly stylish.

About this surfboard stand:

  • Slots for up to 4 surfboards.
  • Total dimensions: 48″ tall, 43″ wide, 21″ deep.
  • Slots are wide enough to accommodate boards up to 5″ thick.
  • Slots and bottom rack are padded to protect your boards’ rails and tails.

The rack is made out of quality Baltic Birch ply and fits together like a puzzle with minimal tools and hardware.

It comes with a lifetime warranty and is manufactured in Colorado, USA.

Rado Racks Surfboard Holder Reviews & Ratings

Rado Racks, based in Colorado, USA produces a variety of quality, stylish, and functional surfboard racks.

Many of their surfboard stands are made with CNC precision cut Baltic Birch ply and finished with foam and rubber padding.

Some of the racks are assembled with no hardware at all.

Good customer support, generous warranties, and a pretty sweet company to boot.

Great for organizing your garage or putting your boards on display inside.

Why should you get a vertical surfboard stand?

A vertical surfboard rack is the best option for the main rotation of boards in your quiver.

A rack like this provides quick, easy access to your boards and makes keeping things organized super easy.

Convenience factor aside, vertical racks are a great way to put your boards on display.

If you’re looking for other ways to store and display your surfboard, wall racks are another good option. Check out some reviews.

Best Vertical Surfboard Stands: More Good Choices

Here’s the thing about surfboards. No matter what you do, they keep multiplying. As long as you surf, new boards will always have a tendency to appear. You’ve to put them somewhere before the take over…

In addition to Rado Rack’s Pacifica Surfboard Display Rack, some other great choices for the best vertical surfboard stand include:


Here’s another 4-board standing rack from Rado Racks.

The Lineup surfboard stand has a slightly smaller footprint than The Pacifica, but features the same Baltic Birch and foam/rubber construction.

It’s another simple, functional, and good looking rack.


If you’re really looking to put some of your boards on display, a freestanding, single board stand like this bamboo surfboard display from COR Surf is an excellent choice.

Bamboo construction with rubber padding and adjustable arms that can expand up to 24.” (Note that this will fit most boards below their widest point. i.e. most will fit.)


Here’s another freestanding, single board vertical rack from COR Surf.

This features low-profile metal construction that can take a variety of boards.

Similar functionality to their bamboo stand at a slightly lower price.

Another good way to put a board on display.

COR Surf Surfboard Stand Reviews & Ratings

COR Surf is another good choice when it comes to surfboard racks.

They offer a variety of vertical and horizontal surfboard racks that you can set on the floor or mount to your wall.

Many of these racks are made out of sustainably sourced bamboo (which, if you’re familiar with the Wave Arcade project, we’re huge fans of). It’s a beautiful, lightweight, and extremely strong material that’s perfect for an application like a surfboard rack.

Do you need a surfboard stand?

Do yourself, your spouse or housemates, and your surfboards a favor and get some quality surf racks.

You’ll protect your boards from unnecessary dings, you’ll get yourself organized, and you can even add some style to your home.

Do you have experiences with any of the surfboard stands described above? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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