Find the Best Surfboard Socks & Covers

Heat & UV rays are no bueno for your boards. A surfboard sock is designed to protect it from the sun and minor dings without the bulk of a day bag.

Wave Tribe’s surfboard sock with a padded hemp nose guard is an excellent budget friendly choice for all shapes and sizes of boards.

Whether you’re putting your board in your car’s trunk, strapping it to some roof racks, laying it on the beach, or storing it at home, a surfboard sock is a simple way to prevent avoidable damage.

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Top Picks for Surfboard Socks

Our picks for the best soft covers for your surfboard are:

  1. Wave Tribe surfboard sock
  2. FCS Surfboard Sock
  3. Open Road Goods Handmade Board Sock
  4. Dakine Surfboard Sock

Wave Tribe Surfboard Sock Features

Wave Tribe’s surfboard sock is available in sizes from 5’6″ to 9’6″ and is designed to protect everything from your mini simmons to your classic log.

You don’t have to get too crazy with your surfboard cover. You’ll just want something that fits your board, stays secure, and will last.

The Wave Tribe surfboard covers feature:

  • Pointed or round 5mm hemp nose guards.
  • Breathable fabric to help regulate heat and block UV rays.
  • Stretch fabric that conforms to the shape of your board.
  • Drawstring to keep it on the board.
  • A skull and crossbones design if you’re particularly PUNK.

This bag is a solid choice for everyday transport to and from the beach, keeping your board safe in your car (with a window cracked), and keeping it protected if you’re hanging out at the beach all day.

What is the purpose of a surfboard sock?

A surfboard sock is designed to protect your board from the sun and minor dings.

What do you mean protect your board from the sun?

That’s right, just like UV rays can burn you, they can also damage your surfboard’s foam and fiberglass.

Over-exposure to sunlight is the cause of yellowing of your surfboard. A cover will help prevent that.

A surfboard sock will also help protect your board from minor dings as you take it to and from the beach, stick it in your car, or store it on your board rack. Extra points if it has a padded nose cover.

In addition to sun and heat protection, a board sock will also keep sand out of your wax if your hanging out at the beach. If you’ve ever experienced a sandy wax job, you know how difficult it can be to apply more wax or clean it off.

On the way home, it’ll also help keep wax and sand out of your car – if you mind that sort of thing.

Surfboard Socks vs. Bags

What’s the difference between a surfboard sock and a surfboard bag?

The main differences between surfboard socks and bags is the level of protection they afford, how they close up, and additional features they have.

A surfboard sock is going to be your most basic level of board protection.

A surfboard bag will offer more protection with a padded foam liner, zipper closure, additional storage pockets, and shoulder straps.

Surfboard socks are good for everyday travel and storage, whereas surfboard day bags and travel bags are good for longer trips or when you want some extra protection from dings, damage, and impacts.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you can check out our recommendations for the best surfboard travel bags and days bags.

How to Make a Surfboard Sock

If you’re the DIY type, which we at Wave Arcade highly encourage, you can upcycle yourself a surfboard sock out of old beach towels and other surf junk.

The simplest homemade surfboard cover would involve laying some old towels under your board and tracing and outline slightly bigger than the board. From there, just cut and stitch together the towels and you’ve got yourself a bag.

For bonus points, you can use an old wetsuit to add a noseguard and an old leash or rope to add a draw string.

Happy creating!

Best Surfboard Covers: More Good Choices

In addition to Wave Tribe surfboard sock, some other great choices for the best soft board covers include:

FCS Surfboard Sock

The FCS bag is a solid choice made from quality materials.

Also available in funboard and longboard sizes.

Open Road Goods Handmade Board Sock

This surfboard sock from Open Road Goods is considerably more expensive, but offers a unique, handmade option.

It’s a simple, but really cool looking handmade bag.

Dakine Surfboard Sock

Dakine’s bag products are always a safe choice.

Quality materials and solid construction make for a surfboard sock that will last you a long time.

Don’t Be a Fool! Wrap your Surf Tool!

Taking that simple extra step of sliding on a surfboard sock can prevent some unintended consequences.

Innuendos aside, protecting your board from the sun, dings, and scratches is going to keep it lasting longer and help you avoid unnecessary and preventable repairs.

Do you have experiences with any of the board socks described above? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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