Find the Best Surfboard Day Bags

The Pro-Lite Session is a high-quality, durable bag that’s perfect for everyday use and road trips.

With non-corrosive zippers, quality stitching, and straps plus 5mm of padding, this is a bag that’s going to last you.

Available in sizes up to 11′ with a fin slot – you’re sure to find a Session day bag that will work for your surfboard – even if your on a classic log with a glassed on fin.

It’s another solid bag from a great surfboard travel bag company.

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Top Picks for Surfboard Day Bags

Our top picks for the best day bag board bags are:

  1. Pro-Lite Session Day Bag
  2. Dakine Surf Daylight Bag
  3. Pro-Lite Resession Day Bag
  4. FCS 3D Fit Day Bag

Pro-Lite Session Surfboard Day Bag Features

The Sessions Bag comes with some convenient features and specs that make it a good choice of day bag for a wide variety of board types.

Available from 6’6″ up to 11.’

The Pro-Lite Session Bag features:

  • 27″ width that’s designed to accommodate boards up to about 24″ wide (give or take depending on the thickness of your board).
  • 420D light and durable ripstop nylon on top.
  • Semi-reflective and heat-resistant material on the bottom.
  • Top-position zipper and flap to make putting the board in and pulling it out easier.
  • 5 mm of durable foam padding with extra padding in the nose.
  • Fin slot on larger bags.
  • External pockets for wax, tools, etc.
  • Marine grade zippers to resist rust and salt.
  • Shoulder strap than can be stored away.

The Session day bag really has everything you need.

What surfboard day bag is best for sun protection?

Exposing your surfboard to sunlight and heat can do some damage. When you’re looking for a day bag – especially if your board is going to be at the beach all day – you’ll want something with a little added heat and UV protection.

The best day bag material for sun protection is one that reflects the light. Look for something with a reflective or light color and you should be good to go.

Best Surfboard Day Bags: More Good Choices

In addition to Pro-Lite Session Day Bag, some other great choices for the best surfboard day bag include:

Dakine Surf Daylight Bag

The Dakine day bag is another good choice – even for your logs.

1/4″ foam padding with heat and water resistant material.

Good choice for basic protection.

Pro-Lite Resession Day Bag

The Pro-Lite Resession is similar to the Session day bag with 3mm foam padding instead of 5mm.

A good choice for a lower price if you don’t think you need the extra 2mm.

FCS 3D Fit Day Bag

The FCS 3D Fit Day Bag features super lightweight material and 5mm high-density padding that eliminates vulnerabilities around the rails.

It’s designed with a stretch fit that’s meant to help keep your board snug in the bag.

Seize the day…bag.

A day bag is the perfect thing to give you surfboard some extra protection for every day use or road trips.

Whether you leave it in your car to go to and from the beach or keep it on when you’re not surfing, it’ll help prevent unnecessary dings and damage.

Pro-Lite, FCS, and Dakine all offer some decent choices for a wide range of board shapes.

Check out our other reviews of the best surfboard travel bags and board socks too.

Do you have experiences with any of the surfboard day bags described above? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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