Find the Best Surfing Backpack (Day Bags, Travel Bags, & Dry Bags)

Whether you’re looking for something that’ll work well for a day at the beach or a multi-mile surf hike, this Dakine wet dry backpack is a good choice.

Its waterproof material and welded seam construction allow you to keep your stuff inside dry and protected from the elements, even if you choose to take it along on a SUP or paddle with it as you continue on your adventure.

Comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps, adequate storage and organization, in a 32L durable package make it a solid go to surf backpack for a day trip or some overnights in the great outdoors.

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Top Picks for Backpacks for Surfers

Our favorite backpacks for surfing are:

  1. Dakine Cyclone Roll Top Surf Backpack
  2. Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 2.0 Backpack
  3. Cotopaxi Batac Surf Backpack
  4. Koraloc Surf Backpack
  5. Cotopaxi Carry-On Backpack

Dakine Cyclone Roll Top Surf Backpack

Known for their history of quality surf equipment and accessories, it’s not surprising that this Dakine backpack ends up at the top of our list.

This 32L wet dry backpack is a good choice for a day trip to the beach or a more adventurous surf excursion.

The Dakine Cyclone Roll Top Wet Dry Backpack features:

  • 32L of storage.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Roll top closure.
  • Welded, waterproof seams.
  • Coated Cordura Ripstop outer material.

This Dakine backpack has everything you need to keep your stuff safe from the sand, sun, salt, and water in a pretty simple package.

The roll top is not everyone’s favorite, but it’s a must for a truly wet-dry bag, and allows your to pack a bit more efficiently if you don’t need to constantly dig through the bag or get things in and out.

It includes a few storage compartments to keep your smaller items organized and accessible, and a large enough main compartment to roll up and pack your wetsuit, towel, leash, fins, and whatever else you’ll need.

You’re not going to want to fully submerge it, but it will work well if you put it on your back while you paddle through a high-tide section if you’re on a surf hike or if your tie it to the front of your paddle board.

Like any wet dry backpack, the seams are the most important part. Dakine makes some quality bags, and is pretty good at making things right if you experience an issue.

Dry-Bag Backpacks for Surfing

Do you need a wet dry backpack for surfing?

Not necessarily, but it definitely adds some convenience and versatility.

With a wet dry bag, you’ll be set for a solid surf hike while keeping your stuff protected – whether you’re exploring locally or while on vacation.

The roll-top closure design of most wet-dry bags gives you a little less ease of access to your stuff, but also allows you to fit more in the backpack.

Put it on your paddle board or throw it on your back while you paddle through some high water and your stuff will stay dry.

A wet dry backpack can be good for day trips too. You can throw your wetsuit or towel on top of it or inside of it and avoid getting everything else wet.

Best Surf Backpacks: More Good Choices

Depending on your exact needs, there’s plenty of other great choices for a surf backpack.

In addition to Dakine Cyclone Roll Top Surf Backpack, some other great choices for the best backpacks for surfing include:

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 2.0 Backpack

For those that really like organization as a key component for their surf backpack, the Rip Curl pack is the way to go.

External wetsuit bag, plenty of organizer pockets, and a 30L capacity.

Cotopaxi Batac Day-Pack Backpack

This smaller 16L backpack from Cotopaxi is a great choice for an everyday backpack for the beach or otherwise.

Comfortable shoulder straps and a few simple organizer pockets.

Koraloc Surfing Backpack

The Koraloc surf backpack comes with a lot of surf-minded features.

Includes board-carry straps that can hold up to 3 surfboards up to about 8′.

Includes a wet-dry bag for wetsuits, a changing mat, and plenty of organizer pockets.

Best Carry-On Surf Travel Backpack

If you’re taking a trip – by plane or car or motorcycle or all of the above – you want a simple, compact, and durable bag that’s going to carry what you need comfortably.

This travel bag from Cotopaxi is a good choice.

Low profile straps that are designed to distribute the weight of your pack evenly and tuck-away when you don’t need them.

Opens like a suitcase and includes mesh organizer pockets on the inside.

Multiple grab handles to make moving and securing the bag easy.

Lightweight, super durable, and weather resistant construction makes the Allpa and excellent choice for a surf travel backpack for weekend getaways and the surfers who can pack light.

If you’re traveling by airplane, you’ll also want a quality surfboard travel bag.

“Oi! Stash that. Someone might knock it off.”

Whether you need something simple or something with plenty of built-in organization, your surf backpack should be durable enough the withstand the elements and carry your things comfortably.

The backpacks above all make great surf bags. Order yours before your next trip to the beach!

Do you have experiences with any of the surf backpacks described above? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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