Trailer Fins & Knubsters: What’s it all about?

Get the Best Trailer Fin

A trailer fin or guitar pick fin is a great way to tweak your fin set up to get exactly what you’re looking for.

These little fins are designed for the rear, center fin slot on your 5-fin or 3-fin box surfboards.

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FCS Knubster Center Trailer Fin

If you’ve got FCS or FCSII fin boxes, the Knubster fin is a top choice for a trailer fin.

The FCS Knubster fin features:

  • Single tab that you can place forward or back to tweak the feel.
  • 3 3/4″ base.
  • 2″ depth.

What does a trailer fin or guitar pick fin do?

Trailer fins, or guitar pick fins, are designed to add a little more stability to your fin set up.

If your quad or twin setup feels a little too loose for you or you’re looking for more control and “thrust” a trailer fin can help add some more bite.

Adding fins to the bottom of your board adds drag, but it also adds something to generate speed out of turns.

Adding a trailer fin to your current set up will help if you feel your tail sliding out. This can be especially useful in bigger, faster surf.

What fin setups will a trailer fin work for?

Trailer fins are primarily designed to add an option for your 5-fin setup as a quad.

However, you can add a trailer fin to your twin fin for some extra stability too.

If you have a thruster and swap the center fin out for a smaller knub fin, you can actually loosen it up.

You’ve got the option to use a specifically designed trailer fins for these ends, or any small center fin can do the trick. You’ve got to experiment!

Do you have experiences with any trailer fins? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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