What is that pink single fin on all those Wavestorms?

Those little black, flexible thruster fins that come standard on most soft-top surfboards are not doing you any favors.

Thursters excel when you’re able to pump them and power out of turns. How often do you do that on your WaveStorm? And the soft, bendable plastic that most of them are made of really couldn’t perform to give you the “thrust” they’re designed for even if you tried.

The Perfect Storm fins for soft-top surfboards give you some options to make your foamie faster, more maneuverable, and more fun to ride.

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Perfect Storm Single Fin Features

The pink single fin from Perfect Storm is an aftermarket upgrade to your soft-top surfboard’s fin set up.

Perfect Storm Single Fin Specs:

  • 9″ depth.
  • Stiffer material than the standard fins.
  • 3-hole base for a solid connection.

Turning your WaveStorm into a single fin will make it really fun to ride, and will give you a little more versatility to the waves you can surf with it.

You’ll find you have more drive down the line, better control in faster, steeper sections, and greater control over your board.

Perfect Storm Fins Reviews & Ratings

The stiffer material of the Perfect Storm fins is a worthy upgrade by self.

The greater stiffness will actually make the fins effective through turns, whereas a softer fin is going to feel slow and bumbly.

Your options for different fin set ups with the Perfect Storm fins are great too, depending on which kits you pick up, you’ll be able to set up your foamie as a:

Thruster set ups naturally create drag with the center fin. They shine in good waves when you’re able to pump and turn. On a Wavestorm and most funboard foamie shapes, they’re only really creating drag, slowing you down, and limiting your control.

The set up for your soft top that’s best for you is going to depend on your personal style and the waves you surf. But, experimenting will be fun and will ultimately improve your surfing.

Perfect Storm Fins for Your Soft-Top Surfboards

You’ve got some options when it comes to fins for your foamie. Soft-top fins from Perfect Storm include:

Perfect Storm Pink Single Fin

9″ deep. 3-hole pattern requires an additional hole punched into the board.

The stiffer fin material and greater depth is going to give you greater hold down the line, more drive, and more control.

On most days and most waves you’re out in with a Wavestorm, the Perfect Storm single is going to be a lot of fun.

Perfect Storm Deuce 1/2 Twin Fin Kit

The Deuce 1/2 Fin kit allows you to surf your Wavestorm as a twin fin, as a twin with a small trailer fin, or as a more proper thruster by retaining the stock center fin.

The side fins are 5.25″ deep with a 5.25″ base and the trailer is 3.25″ deep with a 3.25″ base.

Lots of versatility in this fin kit – loosen things up with just the twins, add some stability with the trailer, or improve control with a thruster set up.

Perfect Storm Bonzer-Bites

The Bonzer bites are designed as smaller side fins for your soft top.

These can be paired with your pink single fin for a little more stability and control (especially in steeper waves) or can be used by themselves for a “finless” feel to allow you to do spins and tricky stuff on your soft top.

How to Install Your Perfect Storm Fin Kit

Installation of Perfect Storm fins is really simply. The 3 hole single fins require you to make a new hole, while the 2-hole side bites, twins, and trailer fin mount right into the existing holes.

To install your Perfect Storm fins:

  • Unscrew and remove the stock fins using a large flat head screwdriver or a coin.
  • For the single fin, place 2 screws in the paper template and place them in the existing center holes.
  • Using the paper template as a guide, use a screw driver to ream a new hole completely through the board.
  • Remove the screws and the template and press the single fin firmly into the 3 holes until it sits flush with the bottom.
  • Install the screws and the leash mount to the top of the board and tighten.
  • For the side fins (or plug screws), simply place them in the existing holes and tighten.

If you want to change up your set up at anytime, just reverse the process and use the standalone screws and plugs to plug up any holes that are not in use. You can switch back to the stock set up at any time.

If you’re worried about any gaps or leakage, some silicon sealant or Flex seal should prevent any water from getting in.

Perfect Storm Fin Soft-Top Compatibility

The Perfect Storm soft-top surfboard fins will work on any soft-top surfboard with a standard ~4″ fin hole spread with the standard plastic threaded screws.

Perfect Storm fins work with:

  • Costco Wavestorm.
  • Boardworks Froth surfboards.
  • Odysea foamies.
  • Liquid shredder soft tops.
  • Wave Bandit soft tops.

Better than poking your foamie with a stick and telling it to do something.

The variety of fin setups for your Wavestorm or other standard soft-top surfboard are really going to open you up to some new experiences and fun.

If you’re just learning and feel you’ve plateaued on your stock foamie, but aren’t quite ready for a new board, changing up the fins might just be the thing you need.

Easy to install and a vast improvement over stock soft top fins. Definitely a worthy upgrade.

Now, go ahead, go shred!

Do you have experiences with any of the Perfect Storm soft top fins described above? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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