As usual, it’s hard to go wrong with O’Neill when it comes to surfing wetsuits and wetsuit accessories like this hear removable surf hood.

With an adjustable cinch and a neck sleeve that will fit under your wetsuit, you are sure to stay warm and cozy with the Psycho hood from O’Neill.

A standalone wetsuit hood will allow your go-to cold water fullsuit to be a bit more versatile. While an attached hood may be easier to get on and off and provide a better water seal, it can be a little uncomfortable to pull it down. A detachable hood gives you the option for extra warmth when you need it, and allows you to surf more comfortable when you don’t.

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Top Picks for Wetsuit Hoods for Surfing in Cold Water

Our choices for the best surfing hoods are:

  1. O’Neill Psycho 3mm wetsuit hood
  2. O’Neill Thinskins Surf Hood
  3. O’Neill Psycho 1.5mm Wetsuit Hood
  4. Hyperflex Wetsuit Surf Hood

O’Neill Psycho Wetsuit Hood

A wetsuit hood is a game changer for wintertime and cold water surfs. You’ll avoid that ice cream headache from ducking icy waves and cold wind. You’ll also have the added benefit of some sun and glare protection with the full-head fit and built-in visor.

O’Neill Surf Hood features:

  • TechnoButter firewall construction.
  • Built-in sun visor.
  • Adjustable cinch to tighten or loosen the seal and fit around your face.
  • Smooth exterior for wind protection.

This wetsuit hood goes on easy and the bottom fits just between your chin and lower lip. The neck flap can tuck into your wetsuit to provide you with a nice seal.

If you’re not used to wearing something on your head while you surf, a wetsuit hood is going to take some getting used to. But once you do, your winter sessions will last longer and you can forget about how cold it is.

At what point do you need a wetsuit hood, booties, and gloves?

Once the water dips down into the mid to low 50s, you’ll definitely benefit from some wetsuit accessories like a hood.

Below 50, you’ll definitely want to be covered in neoprene from head to toe.

A wetsuit hood is not only going to protect you from cold water, but it will also help with wind chill and sun protection too.

It’s a great way to make those cold, winter surfs a whole lot more enjoyable.

How thick should my wetsuit hood be?

The thickness of your wetsuit hood depends on the water and air temperature where you’ll be surfing.

Obviously, a thicker hood is going to keep you warmer.

A 3mm wetsuit hood should be adequate in water in the low to high 50s range.

In California, a 3mm hood should get you by in most areas in the coldest of winter surfs. However, as you go further north, a 5mm might be a better choice.

If you’re surfing in water in the low 50s or below or there is a major wind chill, a 5-7mm wetsuit hood is going to be a good choice.

Best Wetsuit Hoods: More Good Choices

In addition to O’Neill Psycho 3mm wetsuit hood, some other great choices for the best surfing hood include:

O’Neill Thinskins Surf Hood

This is a 1.5mm skull-cap type wetsuit hood that will provide you will a little bit of warmth and good UV protection.

Good choice if you’re looking for some extra sun protection and a little extra warmth. If the wind or water is particularly cold, you’re going to want something more substantial.

O’Neill Psycho 1.5mm Wetsuit Hood

This 1.5mm version of the O’Neill Psycho hood is a good choice for moderately cold water where wind chill isn’t a major factor.

Built-in visor with an adjustable cinch for fit around your face, and an adequate neck sleeve to make for a nice, sealed fit.

Hyperflex 3mm-5mm Wetsuit Surf Hood

This 3mm surf hood from Hyperflex is a decent budget option.

It’s not going to be as well-sealed as the O’Neill hoods, but it will provide you with some welcomed warmth and wind protection.

Do you need a wetsuit hood?

A removable wetsuit hood is a great addition to your wintertime surf equipment.

Surf longer, stay warmer, and protect yourself from the sun.

Need some more warmth? Check out our reviews of the best wetsuit booties and gloves.

Do you have experiences with any of the surfing hoods described above? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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