Looking for a solid go-to surf wax? It’s hard to go wrong with a fresh bar from Sticky Bumps.

Smells great, goes on easy, and does what it’s supposed to do.

Looking for some more eco-friendly surf wax options? We’ve reviewed those too, check them out below.

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Top Picks for the Best Surf Wax

Our favorite choices for the best surfboard wax are:

  1. Sticky Bumps Cool-Cold Water Surf Wax
  2. Sticky Bumps Basecoat Surf Wax
  3. Sticky Bumps Cool-Cold Tour Series Surf Wax
  4. Sticky Bumps Warm-Tropical Surf Wax
  5. Maria’s Eco-Friendly & Vegan Surf Wax
  6. Matunas Eco-Friendly Surf Wax
  7. YEW! Natural Beeswax-Based Surfboard Wax

What temperature surf wax should you use?

Different types of surf wax are designed for different water temperatures. Using the right temperature wax for the water you surf in will ensure your wax retains its proper tackiness and lasts longer.

Typically a warmer water wax is going to be harder than a cold water surf wax.

As the water gets warmer, a harder wax will resist breaking down and melting. When the water gets colder, a softer wax will resist getting too hard and slick.

Sticky Bumps Surf Wax can be found in the following temperature ratings:

  • Cold water surf wax for water 60°F/15°C and below.
  • Cool water surf wax for water about 58°F/14°C to 68°F/19°C.
  • Warm water surf wax for water about 64°F/19°C to 74°F/28°C.
  • Tropical water surf wax for water 75°F/28°C and up.
  • Hawaiian tropical water surf wax for water 80°F and up.

How to Apply Surf Wax

Applying your surf wax is easy! Here’s what you should do:

  • Use a base coat or warm water wax (harder) to build up a thin coat on a clean wax.
    • This will help your top coat stick and stay on your board better.
  • Split your fresh bar of wax in half and use a circular motion or criss-cross pattern to apply your top coat.
  • Continue until you’ve built up an adequate coating of top coat wax every place you may need to put your feet.
  • You can finish your fresh wax job with the pointy end of a wax comb to add a bit more texture and traction.

How to Remove Surf Wax

Removing your surf wax should be done periodically. If you surf a lot, you may need to do so more frequently.

You should definitely remove your wax from your surfboard before it builds up too much, starts to flake off, or gets really dirty.

To remove wax from your surfboard:

  • Allow the wax to heat up a bit to make removal easy. A few minutes in the sun should do the trick.
  • Use the slanted/scraper end of a wax comb to move along your board and take off the old wax.
  • Once most of the old wax has been removed, you can go over the board with a wax remover, like the Pickle Wax Remover, to get rid of any remaining wax particles or residue.

Best Surf Wax: Top Choices

As you travel and the seasons change, one single bar of surf wax is not going to be enough. Find the right wax for the conditions.

In addition to Sticky Bumps Cool-Cold Water Surf Wax, some other great choices for the best surfboard wax from Sticky Bumps include:

Sticky Bumps Basecoat Surf Wax

A base coat surf wax is a handy thing to keep around all year long. It’s a harder wax that you lay down first on a freshly cleaned surfboard.

The base coat will help make your top coat of wax more effective.

Sticky Bumps Cool-Cold Tour Series Surf Wax

Sticky Bumps and most other surf wax brands make a variety of different types of waxes beyond just water temperature ratings.

The Tour Series surf wax is a little more grippy than the original formula and can help keep you on your board during more critical maneuvers.

Sticky Bumps Warm-Tropical Surf Wax

If you’re surfing somewhere with warmer water or during the summer time in places like Southern California, you may find you need a warm water surf wax.

Here’s a good choice from Sticky Bumps.

Best Eco-Friendly & Natural Surf Wax

Looking for a more environmentally friendly surfboard wax? Some other great choices for the best eco surf wax include:

Maria’s Eco-Friendly & Vegan Surf Wax

Maria’s surf wax was created by a 9-year kid in response to the devastation that Hurricane Maria caused to Puerto Rico.

This is a 100% vegan, ocean and reef-friendly surf wax that’s free from harmful chemicals.

Some of the proceeds from each sale go to charities and relief organizations in Puerto Rico aiming to make things more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Matunas Eco-Friendly Surf Wax

Matunas surf wax is the original eco-friendly surf wax.

Made in California from a non-toxic, biodegradable, petroleum-free, and synthetic-free formula.

Available in all temperature ranges from basecoat to tropical water.

YEW! Natural Beeswax-Based Surfboard Wax

YEW Surfboard Wax

YEW! (Your Environment’s Wax) is a newcomer to the eco-friendly surf wax game.

They offer a range of surf wax (basecoat/tropical, cold, cool, and warm) that are made primarily from beeswax using no petrochemicals, non-toxic and 100% all natural ingredients.

Hey Rick, want some wax, mate?

Surf wax is not something to overthink. Buy some bars that smell good, make you feel right, and help keep your feet on the board.

It makes a great gift for those special surfers in your life too. We can never have too much surf wax!

Do you have experiences with any of the surf wax described above? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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