Good springsuits are about a balance between just enough warmth, comfort, and plenty of flexibility.

In many places, they’re a perfect choice for when the water’s a bit chilly, but the weather is hot or vice versa.

You’ve got options when it comes to spring wetsuits, too – depending on your exact locale and your own personal preferences.

There’s Long Johns/Janes, short sleeves, long sleeves, short legs, long legs, and all sorts of combinations of these.

For a place like Southern California and for a shorty wetsuit that’ll last you through multiple seasons (mid-Spring, Summer, early-Fall), a short sleeve long leg springsuit is the way to go.

These will offer the most comfort and warmth without sacrificing flexbility.

O’Neill’s Epic 2mm back zip short sleeve long leg spring suit is an excellent choice at an entry-level price.

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Top Picks for the Best Spring Wetsuits for Women

Our picks for the best shorty wetsuits are:

  1. O’Neill Women’s Bahia Short Sleeve Springsuit
  2. O’Neill Women’s Long Sleeve Springsuit
  3. O’Neill Reactor-2 Shorty Women’s Wetsuit

Top Picks for the Best Spring Wetsuits for Men

Our picks for the best short men’s wetsuits are:

  1. O’Neill Epic Short Sleeve Long Leg
  2. O’Neill O’riginal Sleeveless Spring Wetsuit
  3. O’Neill Reactor-2 Long John Wetsuit
  4. O’Neill O’riginal Men’s Springsuit

Check them out below.

O’Neill Epic Short Sleeve Long Leg Springsuit Features

This springsuit has everything you’ll need at a price that’ll allow you to save up for a more expensive fullsuit when winter hits and the good swells arrive.

The O’Neill Epic spring wetsuit features:

  • 2mm super stretchy neoprene throughout.
  • Back-zip for easy entry.
  • Blind stitched and triple glued seams to prevent water seeps.
  • Wind-protection firewall panels.
  • Knee pads.

A suit like this will extend your sessions longer and keep you more comfortable than if you were just in boardshorts or a jacket.

What is a springsuit?

A springsuit, or shorty, is a surfing wetsuit that typically features short sleeves or short legs (or a combo of these) and thinner neoprene throughout compared to a fullsuit.

The right springsuit for your really comes down to the water temperatures and your personal preference.

A suit without any sleeves (e.g. sleeveless Long Johns or Short Johns) are going to be more prone to washouts when you duck under waves. If the air is hot, that’s usually not an issue.

Some find that short legs can tend to ride up a bit and become uncomfortable – that’ll be something to consider as well, and is why we like the long leg short sleeve springsuits.

When to wear a springsuit wetsuit?

Choosing the right wetsuit is all about balancing warmth and flexibility. Obviously, the more neoprene you add, the more restricted your movements will be.

Too little wetsuit, and you’ll get too cold. That’ll negatively affect your surfing. Too much wetsuit, and you’ll overheat. Not good either.

A springsuit is a good option when the weather and water warms up. It keeps you warm and comfortable while maintaining excellent flex and range of motion.

Spring wetsuits are a good option when the water temperatures are around mid-60s and up and the air is warm.

They’re also a good option when the water is warm, but there’s a wind chill or the air temperature is cooler.

Best Men’s Springsuits: More Good Choices

In addition to O’Neill Epic Short Sleeve Long Leg, some other great choices for the best springsuit include:

O’Neill O’riginal Sleeveless Spring Wetsuit

This is a retro-style suit that’s perfect for those hot summer days or days on a log.

Features 2mm neoprene in the body and 1.5mm in the legs.

Back zip for easy entry and exit and maximum comfort.

It’s an affordable suit that will keep you comfortable for many summertime surfs to come.

O’Neill Reactor-2 Long John Wetsuit

This 2mm Long John wetsuit is another good summertime option.

You’ll stay cool and flexible with the sleeveless design on hot summer days, with a little added warmth from colder water for your core and legs.

This is another great style for logging or when the surf is small.

Features a front-zip entry.

O’Neill O’riginal Men’s Springsuit

The short-short springsuit is a good balance between warmth and more flexibility in the arms and legs.

This should get you through most mild to warm weather and water surfs.

2mm neoprene with a back-zip entry.

Best Women’s Springsuits

Some other great choices for the best women’s springsuit include:

O’Neill Reactor-2 Shorty Women’s Wetsuit

This 2mm neoprene back-zip women’s springsuit is a solid choice that will get you through most surfs in 65+ water temps.

Decent balance between warmth and range of motion.

O’Neill Women’s Long Sleeve Springsuit

The long arm short leg women’s springsuit is a good choice when the water is warmer, but the air is a little chilly.

This design will protect you from major washouts and flushing when you fall or duck-dive a wave.

O’Neill Women’s Bahia Short Sleeve Springsuit

This is another super comfy 2mm short arm short leg spring wetsuit that’s going to come in handy throughout mid-spring to early fall in Southern California and anywhere else where the water is in that mid 60s to low 70s range.

Good comfort + good flexibility + just enough warmth = good springsuit

Getting the most out of each surf is all about having the right equipment.

Depending on your own tolerance for cold, your choice of wetsuit may be even more important than your surfboard!

If you’re tensing up because you’re too cold, you’re not going to surf very well.

Get yourself some springsuits and stay the perfect temperatures all year long.

Do you have experiences with any of the springsuits described above? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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