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When it comes to boards and fins, you’ve got to experiment and experience all sorts of different equipment.

But, we can provide you with some good options to try out.

Check out our recommendations for some of the best quad fin sets to try below.

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Which fins go where on a quad?

Quads consist of 4 fins.

The two large fins go in the front. The two smaller fins go in the back.

You’ll find quad fin sets in a variety of different templates, sizes, and foils. The best set will all depend on the waves you’re surfing, the board you’re riding, and your own style and abilities.

Futures Fins Quad Sets

If your board has Futures fin boxes (single tab), some great choices for the best Futures quad fins to try include:

  1. Futures Fins Controller Quad Fins
  2. Futures Machado Quad Fins
  3. Futures Rasta Quads

Futures Fins Controller Quad Fins

Futures Fins Controller Quad Fins

The Honeycomb/Bamboo Controller Quad is a classic keel shape that’s designed for wide tail and fish boards.

These will be good for fast, carvy turns with the ability to loosen up due to the upright nature of the fins.

These might be a little too much fin for when the waves are weak.

Front fins: 4.5″ depth, 5.05″ base, 18.24″ area, V2 foil.

Rear fins: 4.52″ depth, 3.89″ base, 12.06″ area, 80/20 foil.

Futures Machado Quad Fins

The Machado quads were designed for his Seaside surfboard, but can work with similar hybrid fish type surfboards.

These are designed for responsive surfing in smaller waves.

Honeycomb construction provides a moderate flex.

Front fins: 4.85″ depth, 5.7″ base, 21.2″ area, flat foil.

Rear fins: 4.85″ depth, 4.15″ base, 10.16″ area, flat foil.

Futures Rasta Quads

Futures Rasta Quads

The Rasta Quads are a good all-around quad fin option that will work with a wider variety of surfboards.

Honeycomb construction paired with bamboo at the base makes for a fin with good drive in a template that will allow for quick pivots and turns.

These would be a nice set to grab if you’re new to quads.

Front fins: 4.44″ depth, 4.31″ base, 14.72″ area, V2 foil.

Rear fins: 3.79″ depth, 3.78″ base, 11.03″ area, 50/50 foil.

Captain Fin Co. Quad Fin Sets

Captain Fin Co. offers some excellent choices of quad fin sets for both Futures boxes and FCS boxes.

Some great Captain Fin quad sets to try out include:

  1. Captain Fin Co. Jeff McCallum Quad Especial Fin Set
  2. Captain Fin CF Quad Classics
  3. Captain Fin Co. CF Quad Mediums

Captain Fin Co. Jeff McCallum Quad Especial Fin Set

This solid fiberglass fin with a big sweep is designed for speed, drive, and drawn-out turns on wide-tail boards.

These will be super fun when you’ve got some open face to work with.

Front fins: 5″ depth, 4.65″ base, 18.95″ area, flat foil.

Rear fins: 4″ depth, 3.74″ base, 12.84″ area, flat foil.

Captain Fin CF Quad Classics

The Classic Quads are another good all around choice to get the most out of your quad.

Honeycomb construction makes for medium flex.

Since they’re not a huge quad set, this design will be fun in a variety of board-types.

Front fins: 4.69″ depth, 4.34″ base, 16.2″ area, flat foil.

Rear fins: 3.26″ depth, 3.58″ base, 9.82″ area, 80/20 foil.

Captain Fin Co. CF Quad Mediums

This standard quad template is a good choice for hybrid or groveler surfboards.

This will give you good turning control and quick-pivot-ability.

Honeycomb construction has a moderate flex to it.

Front fins: 4.55″ depth, 4.5″ base, 15.48″ area, flat foil.

Rear fins: 3.75″ depth, 3.78″ base, 10.94″ area, 70/30 foil.

FCS Quad Fins

If your board has FSC II boxes, some good choices for the best FCS quad fins include:

  1. FCS II Machado Quad Fins
  2. FCS II Matt Biolos PC Carbon 5-fin set
  3. FCS II Performer Quads

FCS II Machado Quad Fins

These are the FCS II version of Rob Machado’s Seaside fins.

Put these in your Seaside or any fish-type surfboard and you’ll have some fun.

This is a solid fiberglass fin that will provide a stiffer flex for maximum drive and control in bigger conditions.

FCS II Matt Biolos PC Carbon 5-fin set

FCS II Matt Biolos PC Carbon 5-fin set

Designed by Matt “Mayhem” Biolos of Lost Surfboards, This 5-fin set offers a good all-around quad option in Performance Core Carbon for a stiffer flex.

These will perform well in faster waves and critical section.

FCS II Performer Quads

This is a balanced quad set in FCS performance core, which offers a medium flex.

This will be another good all around set for a variety of boards and conditions.

Why surf quad fins?

If you’re looking for speed + control, go with a quad setup.

Quads combine the speed of a twin fin with the responsiveness and control of a thruster.

They work in big surf, they work in small surf, and everything in between.

Quads won’t be quite as pivoty as a thruster setup, but you’ll still be able to perform tight top turns.

They’ll feel solid in fast, hollow surf and allow you to power through slow sections when it’s a bit mushy.

Do you have experiences with any of the quad fin sets described above? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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