Best Surfboard Resin Tint & Paint Pens for Artwork & Color

Get the Best Surfboard Resin Pigments

If you want to add some color and style to the surfboard you’re shaping, a great way to do that is with resin tints and pigments.

Best Epoxy Resin Tints

Greenlight Surfboard Supply offers some high quality resin tints and pigments in a variety of colors.

These can be mixed in with your epoxy resin during the lamination or hot coat phase to add some color to the coat.

Some color choices for Greenlight’s resin tints include:

All of these resin agents are designed to add color without sacrificing strength of the epoxy’s chemical bond and cure.

Add more pigment of a more saturated color and less pigment for a more transparent appearance. Greenlight recommends to not exceed a 5% color to resin ratio.

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How to Add Color to Your Surfboard’s Epoxy

If you really want to add some style to the board you’re shaping, adding color to your lamination coat is the way to go.

Choose a single color or mix a few different buckets for a resin swirl effect.

Add a few drops of pigment into your epoxy resin and mix it thoroughly before adding the hardener.

From there, lay down your lamination coat as usual.

Best Paint Pens for Adding Pinlines & Artwork to Your Surfboard

Another great way to add a personal touch to your surfboard is by adding pinlines.

This can be achieved with some paint pens and masking tape.

Or you can use paint pens to create some freehand artwork and designs directly onto the surfboard.

Some good choices for this inlude:

How to Add Pinlines to Your Surfboard

When using paint pens to create pinlines, adding them after the lamination coat and before the hot coat is a good way to go.

To add pinlines to your surfboard:

  • Use two sets of thin masking tape to trace the path of your pin lines.
    • The thinner the tape, the easier it is to create continuous curves.
  • Run over the edges of the tape to make sure they are flat and sealed against the board.
  • Follow your tape lines with your paint pen.
  • Allow the paint to dry partially until it sets up.
  • Remove the paint and allow to dry completely before starting the hot coat.

If you remove the tape and don’t like what you see, you can remove the paint pens from the board with some light sanding and try again.

Add a Printed Logo to Your Surfboard

If you want to add a custom logo to your surfboard, transparent rice paper is an easy way to do that.

Simply print out your logo onto rice paper, cut out around the logo and glass over it during the lamination or hot coat phase.

After you’ve gathered your surfboard art supplies, check out some of the other shaping supplies you’ll need.

Do you have experiences with any of the resin tints or paint pens described above? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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