Get the Best Surfboard & Stand Up Paddle Board Locks

People can suck. People steal things.

One thing that people steal that hits close to home is surfboards and standup paddle boards and paddles. Not cool.

They get stolen off roof racks, stolen off porches, or wherever you may have set them down.

A surfboard fin lock systems can be a simple way to keep your equipment safe.

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Top Picks for SUP Locks

Our top choices for the best surfboard fin locks & security systems are:

  1. Fin Box Lock
  2. DocksLocks Jaws SUP Anti-Theft System
  3. DocksLocks Deluxe Paddle Board Locking System
  4. Kanulock Lockable Roof Rack

Fin Box Lock

The Fin Box Lock security system is one of the simplest solutions for locking your surfboard or SUP.

The Fin Box Lock system features:

  • Two matting plates that are designed to slide into standard center fin boxes (found on most SUPs and longboards).
  • A hole for you to thread a cable or lock through to secure your board wherever you need to.
  • Quick set up.

To use this system you’ll need:

  • 1 1/2″ of free space in your fin box.
  • A 5/16″ lock or cable to go through the holes.

How to Lock your Surfboard

You’ve got two main options when it comes to securing your surfboard or SUP:

  • Locking your roof racks.
  • Using a fin box lock or leash loop lock.

Remember, no locking system is going to be 100% theft-proof. Protecting your equipment is all about creating obstacles, adding time, and making things difficult for would-be thieves.

Even a simple locking system can do that for your surfboard or SUP.

Locking roof racks are easy. Simply strap in your boards, lock the clamp and get on with things.

To use fin box locks, you’ll need to:

  • Make sure you have a standard longboard center fin box with enough space.
  • Insert the cleat or locking device into the box.
  • Shut the lock and attach your security cable or padlock.

How do Surfboard Lock Systems Work?

Most surfboard lock systems work by securing themselves to your surfboard or SUP fin box.

When the system is inserted and closed with a lock or cable removing it would require either cutting the lock or destroying the fin box.

While none of these things are completely theft-proof, they will make it more difficult for a thief to simply walk away with your gear.

Best Surfboard & SUP Lock Systems: More Good Choices

In addition to Fin Box Lock, some other great choices for the best board locks include:

DocksLocks Jaws SUP Anti-Theft System

This is another simple lock design that can fit into your center fit box with a cleat or lock to your leash cup.

Simply slide up the top to free the clamps and slide it down to lock it shut.

DocksLocks Deluxe Paddle Board Locking System

The deluxe package for the DocksLocks includes an addition lock for your SUP paddle.

This works the same way and goes into your standard fin box or leash cup.

The paddle lock to secured when you thread your security cable through it.

Kanulock Locking Roof Racks

If you just need to keep your boards secured on your car’s roof racks, these steel reinforced locking tie-down straps from Kanulock are a good choice.

These go on like other surfboard roof straps, but include a lock clamp and steel threads to protect it from being cut.

Secure your Gear & Fuggedaboutit!

Most of these systems are super easy to use.

While nothing can prevent theft 100%, these surfboard & SUP locks are going to create enough obstacles that should deter most thieves.

Much better than walking back to your car or where you left your gear and finding it gone!

Do you have experiences with any of the surfboard locks described above? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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