Find the Best Boardshorts for Surfing

O’Neill’s Hyperfreak and Superfreak men’s boardshorts have always been a solid choice for surfing.

The Hyperfreak Hydro boardshorts take it to the next level with the “No Tie Fly.”

With the stretch, comfort, and simplicity of these shorts, you’ll probably never want to take them off.

These sit just above the knee for a performance-oriented fit.

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Top Picks for Surfing Boardshorts

Our top picks for the best boardshorts to surf in are:

  1. O’Neill Hyperfreak Hydro boardshort
  2. Rip Curl Mirage Performance Boardshorts
  3. Birdwell 310 Boardshorts
  4. O’Neill Superfreak Boardshorts

O’Neill Hyperfreak Hydro Boardshorts

If you’re looking for a boardshort to surf in, Hyperfreaks are the way to go.

The “No Tie Fly” eliminates that standard drawstring that can be uncomfortable and insecure when you paddle and surf.

The Hydro’s no-tie system features a simple hook and loop closure that fits flush along the waistline of the shorts.

Other features include:

  • Water resistant, quick-dry fabric.
  • Welded seams to eliminate irritation points, chaffing, and rash.
  • A welded zip pocket to keep your keys secure.
  • Multi-directional stretch that will move with you as you surf.
  • No inseam to make them more comfortable.

These are a super high-quality boardshort that will keep you comfortable in and out of the water.

When can you surf in boardshorts?

The feeling and freedom you get from surfing in boardshorts when the water’s warm is something every surfer should experience.

You’ll typically be able to comfortably surf in boardshorts when the water hits about the mid 70s and the air temperature is hot.

To give yourself some extra sun and board rash protection, you may want to pair your boardshorts with a rash guard or wetsuit top.

Best Surfing Boardshorts: More Good Choices

You’re going to want to wash your boardies every once in a while. It’s a good idea to have some backups.

In addition to O’Neill Hyperfreak Hydro boardshorts, some other great choices for the best surfing boardshorts include:

Rip Curl Mirage Performance Boardshorts

These Rip Curl boards are another good choice for surfing.

20″ length that sits just above the knee will allow you good range of motion.

Birdwell 310 Boardshorts

If you’re looking to get classic, Birdwell Beach Britches are the way to go.

The 310s measure 15″ for an old school fit.

Guaranteed to make you an expert hot-dogger.

Key loop stitched into the back pocket.

O’Neill Superfreak Boardshorts

The O’Neill Superfreak boardshorts are similar to the Hyperfreaks in their stretch, comfort, and quick-dry material.

These feature a standard drawstring closure and sit just above the knee.

Another great choice for those warm summertime or tropical location surfs.

Staying in your boardshorts permanently is typically a good idea.

If you keep your boardshorts on at all times, you’ll always be prepared to surf or swim at a moments notice. That’s the recommended way to architect your life.

You’re going to want something that’s comfortable and looks good both in and out of the water.

Do you have experiences with any of the boardshorts described above? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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