Find the Best Skateboards for Surf Training

Whether the surf’s flat or your stuck inland, skateboarding is a great way to get your surfing fix. That’s why it was invented in the first place!

However, most skateboards fail to really capture the feel of surfing. They’re too stiff, can’t really go on rail without biting, or lack the flow you get on a surfboard.

Hamboards surfskates solve all those problems.

With a variety of decks and designs from mini-skateboards to longboards and their HST carving trucks, these are the perfect choice to get a surfy-feel on land.

The Pescadito – a fish-shaped skateboard – is a great all-around board that will allow you to do some rail-to-rail carving and cruising as well as more radically maneuvers like power-slides and snaps.

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Top Picks for Skateboards to Practice Surfing

Our favorite surf skateboards are:

  1. Hamboards Pescadito
  2. e-Pescadito (Best Electric Skateboard for Surfing)
  3. Huntington Hop Surf Skateboard
  4. Logger Longboard Surfing Skateboard
  5. The Classic Longboard Surfskate
  6. Penny Skateboards 22″ Mini Skateboard
  7. Hamboards Biscuit Mini Surf Skate

Top Picks for Surfy Carving Trucks

Or, you can pick up some carving trucks to turn any skateboard into a surf trainer. The best ones are:

  1. Waterborne Skateboards Surfskate Trucks
  2. Hamboards HST Carving Trucks

Hamboards Pescadito Surf Skateboard

Hamboards skateboards are THE choice if you’re looking for a skateboard that will improve your surfing.

These we’re the surfing skateboards that appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in the mid 2010s.

The key to Hamboards is both the trucks and the deck designs.

Whereas most skateboards are a bit too stiff to really give you that surfing feel, the Hamboards trucks are designed for rail-to-rail carving to make it feel like you’re in the water.

The deck designs offer something for every surfer. You’ve got smaller options to focus on speed, snaps, pumping, and turns and you’ve got longer options that will help improve your footwork and cross-stepping.

Each deck is designed with deep carves in mind to eliminate any potential wheel-bite.

The Pescadito is an excellent choice for a solid everyday skateboard for practicing your surfing or just cruising around.

The Hamboards Pescadito features:

  • 3’7″ Fish shape deck.
  • UV resistant grip.
  • HST carving trucks.
  • 66mm soft wheels for a smooth, grippy ride.
  • Wheel wells to eliminate wheel bite.

If you’re looking for a versatile surfing skateboard that’ll be good for carving, cruising, powerslides, and shredding the pavement, the Pescadito is for you.

e-Pescadito: The Best Electric Skateboard for Surfing

e-Pescadito Electric Surfskate

You really want to feel like Marty McFly? Get yourself some self-lacing Nikes and this electric skateboard.

This is an electric version of the Hamboards Pescadito surfskate that’s powered by a one-hub electric drive train on the rear wheel.

This setup makes for the ultimate surf trainer. You get the carvy, rail-to-rail feel of the HST trucks plus the ability to keep both feet on the board.

Find yourself and big empty parking lot and cruise until the battery runs out.

The ability to get that constant flow and practice without the need to kick or pump can really help you refine your style and balance for surfing.

Skateboard Trucks to Turn Any Board into a Surfing Skateboard

If you’ve got a few extra skateboard decks lying around, you can turn them into a surf-skate by swapping on the trucks. Here are some good options.

Waterborne Skateboards Surfskate Trucks

The Waterborne surfskate trucks and rail adapters are designed to bolt onto any skateboard or longboard with any types of trucks.

This kit will loosen up the feel of your board to make it more carve-able and surfy.

Hamboards HST Carving Trucks

Hamboards HST surf trucks

The Hamboards Surfskate Carving Trucks (HST) are what comes standard on the Hamboards complete skateboards. These are the key to the carving, surfable feel of their line of surfing skateboards.

The design of the HST trucks facilitate rail to rail carves and turns to mimic the feel of surfing on land.

You can adjust the kingpin or swap out for a different spring stiffness to customize the feel of your board.

Bolts onto any standard truck pattern.

Does knowing how to skateboard help with surfing?

Just because you know how to skateboard does not automatically mean you’re going to pick up surfing right away.

However, if you’ve got the balance and flow you can develop on a skateboard, that’ll certainly help your surfing a lot.

When the waves are flat or your stuck away from the coast, skateboard can be an excellent cross-trainer for your surfing.

Pair it with a good balance board and you can constantly be practicing to improve your surfing.

What skateboards feel most like surfing?

Time spent on any board is going to translate to training for surfing, but if you really want a skateboard that makes it feel like you’re surfing, you’ll need something that’s a little looser.

Getting that loose feel on a skateboard allows you to mimic the rail-to-rail carves, turns, and pumping that you do on a wave.

Loosening up your standard skateboard trucks will help a bit, but the best choice is going to be using skateboard trucks, like the HSTs, that are designed for super flowy rail-to-rail carving.

A skateboard like this is going to help you:

  • Develop your own style and flow that you can translate to a wave.
  • Practice the body movements involved with all different types of turns and carves on a surfboard.
  • Improve your balance when you’re surfing.

A standard skateboard, like the one you’d use in a park or a bowl, can be helpful in practicing more vertical maneuvers and tricks in the air.

Best Hamboards Surfing Skateboards: More Good Choices

Hamboards skateboards are the ultimate choice for a surf-training skateboard. Their HST carving trucks are unmatched, and they’ve got some really well-designed decks for almost any style.

In addition to the Hamboards Pescadito, some other great choices for the best skateboard for surfing include:

Huntington Hop Surf Skateboard

At 3’9,” the Huntington Hop is a great mid-length longboard surfskate.

This is a great choice if you’re new to skateboarding or surf-skates.

It provides a good balance of stability and carve-ability while remaining maneuverable and easy for a beginner to control.

It’s one of the more affordable choices too.

Logger Longboard Surfing Skateboard

At 5,’ the Logger surfskate gets you into proper longboard skateboard territory.

The HST trucks plus the length gives you a skateboard that really going to feel like your surfing.

Use this practice your carves, cross-steps, and nose-riding.

All in a super clean classic longboard-style design.

The Classic Longboard Surfskate

The Classic longboard is the go-to surfskate choice if you want to work on your longboard surfing.

At 6’6″ or 6’2″ with the HST carving trucks, you’ve got plenty of room to cross-step up and down the entire deck while smoothly cruising along.

Add a paddle for a SUP-surfskate experience.

Mini Surf Skateboards: Shred-ability in a tiny package

If you’re looking for a smaller skateboard that you can keep in your trunk or carry around easily, you’ve got some options.

These are perfect for messing around in the parking lot before or after a surf, and are super easy to take anywhere for a bit of sidewalk surfing.

In addition to longboard surfskates above, some great choices for the best mini-skateboard for surfing include:

Penny Skateboards 22″ Mini-Skateboard

Penny Skateboards are a classic choice when it comes to mini-skateboards.

Penny skateboards have a history of high-quality construction that’s built to last.

Big, soft wheels for a super smooth ride, with a deck that provides a decent amount of flex.

Perfect for the parking lot or snapping off mini-verts you may discover.

Penny Skateboards come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Hamboards Biscuit Mini Surf Skate

The Hamboards Biscuit is a fun little board that’s 24″ long and sits on 5.85″ risers that allow some deep carves with no wheel-bite.

This is another great portable choice for your trunk, in the parking lot, or for cruising around campus.

Easy to ride, pump-able, and handles speed surprisingly well for a board this small.

Sidewalk Surfing. Don’t bust your bum.

No need to be sad because the surf’s flat or you’ve just moved to Salt Lake City because you thought maybe you’d be okay not surfing for a bit since you’ve got the snow and the mountains right there…

Get yourself a surfskate and turn that frown upside down. You might even improve your surfing while you’re at it.

Do you have experiences with any of the skateboards described above? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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