Best Portable Showers for After a Surf

Looking for a post-surf shower solution to keep in your car? Look no further than the 2 gallon portable shower from Rinse Kit.

Whether you surf places without showers (or places where the showers are constantly broken) or you’re going on a surfing-camping trip, a portable shower is a nice addition to your surfmobile.

This one’s got everything you need to easily rinse off your wetsuit, board, and body and get on your way.

It’s a compact kit will fit nicely in the corner of your trunk and stays organized when you’re not using it.

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Top Picks for Portable Showers for Surfing

Our top choices for the best after-surf portable shower kits are:

  1. Rinse Kit 2 gallon portable shower
  2. Rinse Kit POD Portable Outdoor Shower
  3. Reliance Products Portable Surf Shower
  4. OYOOQO Portable Surfing Shower

RinseKit Portable Shower

The Rinse Kit portable shower is a 2 gallon pressurized mini-shower that’s perfect for rinsing off after a surf.

The Rinse Kit features:

  • 2 gallon capacity for hot or cold water.
  • Pressurized spray for up to 3-4 minutes.
  • Folding carrying handle.
  • Storage compartment for the hose.
  • Lid can be stood on top of for changing.

How does Rinse Kit work?

The Rinse Kit portable shower requires no pumping or battery power to pressurize the water.

It works by pressurizing the water as you fill it from a hose faucet with the quick-connect valve that’s included with the kit.

Pretty much as simple and easy as it gets for a quick way to shower off after a surf.

Why should you rinse off after a surf?

A post-surf shower should always be a part of your surfing routine.

For one, you’ll feel more comfortable after rinsing off after being in the ocean. Salt water has a tendency to feel a bit crusty and uncomfortable as you allow it to dry on your skin and in your hair. A quick rinse in fresh water will prevent your hair from feeling greasy and your skin from itching.

For your wetsuit, surfboards, and fins, a post-surf shower is a good part of regular maintenance.

Salt water is corrosive. If you allow it to build up on your equipment, it’s going to degrade faster.

Metal components like leash swivels, fin hardware, and wetsuit zippers are typically the first things to be affected by salt and corrosion.

However, your board itself can suffer to. Salt water build up can affect your board’s fiberglass and work its way into the foam.

There’s other stuff in the ocean that you’ll want to rinse off your body and your gear too: pollutants and bacteria.

A quick post-surf rinse takes a few minutes or less and is good practice to prevent unnecessary damage to your gear, keep it lasting longer, and get comfy after surfing.

Best Portable Showers for Surfing: More Good Choices

In addition to Rinse Kit 2 gallon portable shower, some other great choices for the best post-surf car shower include:

Rinse Kit POD Portable Outdoor Shower

The Rinse Kit POD is a slightly smaller (1.75 gallons) and more compact version of the Original Rinse kit.

This portable shower should fit pretty easily in any car (or bike pannier) and can be pressurized automatically or by using a pump.

Reliance Products Portable Surf Shower

Here’s a solid pump-activated portable shower that you can fill with hot or cold water.

It has a 2-gallon capacity and a convenient neoprene sleeve for organization and storage.

OYOOQO Portable Surfing Shower

This is a larger (5 gallon with two 2.5 gallon sealed water bags) battery operated kit that’s a good choice for camping trips of if you’ve got multiple surfers in your car.

Still has a relatively small footprint for its size and will fit nicely in most cars.

Scrub it, kook!

There you have it. Get in the habit of a nice rinse for yourself and your equipment after a surf.

Bonus points for extra enjoyment if you fill your portable shower with hot water.

Now, just like any product like this – they’re not always perfect. To be on the safe side and to avoid flooding your trunk, it’s a smart idea to store these in a container or bin to catch water if it leaks.

Do you have experiences with any of the portable showers described above? Maybe you’re a fan of something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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