Leash Rope

How to Tie a Leash Rope

The leash rope is the part of your leash that connects your leash’s rail saver to the boards leash cup, loop, or hole.

A leash rope should be inspected and replaced from time to time. Because if your leash rope breaks, you might as well not be wearing a leash at all.

This is the easiest surf DIY you’ll ever do. Plus, it’ll save you from scratching your head on where to find a leash rope for your board ever again. You make your own.

How to Make your own Leash Rope

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own leash rope:

  • Paracord: 550 lb break limit, 7 strand, 5/32″ diameter.
  • Scissors/utility blade
  • Lighter
Make your own leash rope
Cut, loop, tighten. Making a leash rope is real easy.
  1. Cut the paracord to length.
    • Cut your paracord to about 12″-14.” Longer or shorter depending on leash/tail/rail saver size.
  2. Burn off ends of rope.
    • Use a lighter to singe off and seal the ends of the cord.
  3. Loop the cord.
    • Fold the paracord in half and loop it over itself to tie a knot.
  4. Tighten the knot.
    • Loop the ends through the hole and tighten the leash rope over itself.
  5. Put the leash rope on your board.
    • Insert the end through your leash cup or leash loop and pull it through itself.

Once you’ve got your leash loop tied and attached, you’ll need a new leash. Check out our recommendations for the best surf leashes.

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