Where to Position a Single Fin?

The Quick Answer: Move your fin forward for a looser feel. Move your fin towards the back for more stability and drive down the line.

Best Single Fins

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Make small adjustments and test. Pick up a single fin thumb screw if you want to test on the fly when you’re in the water.

On a surfboard with a single fin or 2+1 set up that has a standard longboard fin box (i.e. Bahne/Fins Unlimited or US Box), you’ll be able to make adjustments to your single fin’s positioning that will affect how your board performs.

That being said, your single fin or log is not going to feel the same as your quad or thruster as you experiment with fin positioning, but you will be able to fine tune your equipment to match your surfing style and the waves you’re riding.

Single Fin Placement

As you begin to experiment with moving your single fin and surfing with the fin in different positions, you’ll begin to notice that even the slightest change can have a huge impact on how your board performs. The effect can be compounded by the size and shape of the board itself and the type of fin you’re using.

Positioning a Single Fin

Some general rules of thumb for single fin positioning are as follows:

  • Single fins positioned farther forward will allow for a looser feel that’s easier to turn. The shorter turn radius will make the board easier to move around on the wave, but may feel unstable or cause spin-outs at speed.
  • Single fins positioned towards the rear of the board allow for more drive, speed, and stability. A single fin placed farther back will be harder to turn quickly, but is perfect for down the line drive and nose-riding.

When pairing single fin positioning with different fin sizes and shapes, you can really hone in your longboard to how you want it to surf.

A single fin with a larger surface area will cater to drive and stability, while a fin with a smaller surface area with feel looser. Fin flex and responsiveness come into play here too.

When making adjustments to your single fin, start small. Place the fin around the center of the fin box and see how it feels. If you want it looser, move it ¼” forward. If you want more hold, move the fin a ¼” back. Repeat until your board is surfing how you want it to.

Adjusting a Single Fin Box

Making adjustments to your single fin is easy. A standard single fin box holds the fin in place with a pin slot, a base place, and a screw.

To insert the fin, simply line up the pin with the slots and slide it in. Position the hole in the base of the fin over the base plate in the fin box and tighten the screw. You can move the fin forward and back by loosening the screw and sliding the fin.

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